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Tow Truck Driver Discovers Body in Vehicle (JAPAN)


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Couple killed in car crash; wife's body taken to hospital 5 1/2 hours later


A married couple in their 70s died after their car crashed into an oncoming light passenger vehicle in Kasumigaura City, Ibaraki Prefecture, on Sunday. Unaware that the dead woman was still inside the car, the ambulance crew did not transport her to a hospital until 5 1/2 hours after the accident. 


According to police, the collision occurred just past 4 a.m. along National Route 354. The couple's car was hit on a curve by a vehicle driven by a 19-year-old man, which had drifted over the center line.

Tadaaki Hirose, 74, and his wife Taeko, 75, were killed in the accident. The driver of the other car and his three passengers sustained minor injuries in the collision. Police said the driver has been arrested on suspicion of negligent driving resulting in death.


Police said Taeko was in the passenger seat that was severely damaged in the collision and was not discovered until the demolished car was about to be taken away by a tow truck. She was pronounced dead upon arrival at a hospital but police said they could not be certain she died immediately after the crash.


Police also failed to give any explanation as to why emergency responders did not notice Taeko’s body in the car.



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The potential of this happening (anywhere in the world) is possible. I've written on this subject before and share my thoughts. As described from this news post, as many as 6x persons were victim of the DUI crash including the arrested 19-year old. The article doesn't detail it, but the deceased was discovered when the tow company was about to leave the scene. I've worked these crashes as a police investigator,  EMT, and tow operator noting that small victims tend to be thrown to the floor upon impact. Plus, today's modern vehicles are equipped with as many as 12x air-bags. When smaller victims are tossed to the floor-boards or under the dashboard, they may be covered with compartment debris; there's always a possibility that someone was over-looked, especially when fire and medical responders are caring for critically injured persons.  Also note that at 0400 hours, it's difficult to see all details when it's till dark. And, if there's a fatality, the deceased has to wait for arrival of the Sheriff or Coroner to claim the deceased. This can be a grey-area where an accidental, "forgetting", can happen. Most fire and police departments now have protocol that requires a systematic check of a vehicle's interior to include writing on the vehicle's exterior with markings to indicate the specific space has been searched. Although we towers are typically the last to handle a demolished vehicle, it's important to take a quick look at all interior spaces before loading onto a flatbed carrier or dollies to ensure no-one is left behind. Prior to departing, push those deployed air-bags out of the way and make a cursory look, while at the same time be ready for the visual shock that an injured someone or a deceased individual is still in the car.    R.

Randall C. Resch

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Randall ….This has happened on a job I did a few years ago.... 

I attended a serious head on collision between a motorcycle and a car on a country road, it was obvious it happened at very high speed....   the rider and the driver of the car both were fatally injured ….the wreckage was strewn around over quite a large area.

the police, accident investigation team and the coroner all correctly carried out their duties over several hours at the scene and we removed the vehicles,

3 days later it was announced a further body had been found in the undergrowth over 100 feet from the point of impact....it turned out it was the pillion passenger on the motorcycle, after being launched through the air on impact …

he was only reported missing after his relatives became concerned he hadn't come home....  not knowing anything about the accident that had happened.

we had done quite a big sweep to pick up the debris and never spotted him.. I was advised later that his injuries were so severe he would not have survived any way..

after that ….I put out a memo to all of our locations to thoroughly search all accident scenes before leaving...


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