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Dodge Ram off the roadway- Driver took a nap


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We received a call from West Vincent Police Department at 12:42 AM to respond to the 700 block of St Matthews Road near Malhorne Road for one vehicle after an accident.  We were advised of a large pickup truck over 30 feet from the roadway.  We immediately dispatched two of our wreckers to the scene.  Upon arrival we found the vehicle had traveled off the roadway, over some large rocks and into the wooded area of a residence.  We talked with the property owner and obtained permission to recover the vehicle from the safety of the driveway.  Once given permission, one of the wreckers was pulled forward into the driveway.  The other backed in.  Both wreckers were used to winch the vehicle out of the woods to the driveway.  Once positioned in the driveway, the front of the truck was lifted and placed onto cribbing.  Due to the heavy damage to the front axle and suspension, we determined that using a sling would be the best method of towing the damaged truck.  Our operators setup our sling attachment and connected the truck.  We found the truck had been in 4 wheel drive, so the 4x4 was disengaged.  Debris was swept from the scene and placed into disposal containers.  Oil dry was used to absorb hazardous fluids that had leaked onto the driveway.  The vehicle was carefully backed out of the driveway into a local parking lot.  Safety chains and tow lights were installed.  The vehicle was transported to our main location.  Once back at our main location the vehicle was placed in our secure storage facility.

























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