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From TowTimes.com - Doing the Right Thing

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In the television show What Would You Do?, hidden cameras are used as the show host observes and comments on how people behave when confronted with dilemmas that require them to either take action or just walk away and mind their own business. Various scenarios are created that force people to make split-second decisions such as people noticing a drunken valet trying to park cars, or a waitress being harassed by her boss.

One of my employees came into my office and said “I was almost going to be late to work this morning.” When I asked why he said, “I found a purse right in the middle of the road.” 

I was like — huh?

He said he looked in the purse, found some papers with a phone number, called and left a message. He also found a company name and called the office and advised them of what he had found. They called the purse’s owner to let her know our driver had her purse. She called my employee back and said she and her husband were hiking on a local nature trail and she didn’t know her purse had been taken.

He met the lady, along with the police, and they found that one of the windows of her vehicle had been smashed. She said she had tucked her purse under the seat. While some papers and other items were still in the purse, her wallet was not.

The whole scenario reminded me of the television show, and I was proud of my employee and the decision he made to follow through with attempting to locate the purse’s owner. I know that if it was my purse I would appreciate that extra effort. A follow-up phone call from woman’s husband with a thank you also made my day.

Even in today’s world where cameras are everywhere, you know you’re being watched, and you’re faced with a dilemma, the question still remains — will you do the right thing?


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It is always a proud moment when you or one of yours is caught doing the right thing. Most people are good and honest. The three percent that are not ruin it for everyone. If you want to read something really cool look up the teacher who left her purse in a Chic fil a. 

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It is easy to let yourself slip into the mindset that only bad people get far in life. It can lead to one allowing that to be used as an excuse. I know many people who busted their ass for years to get where they are today, that being successful. Do some people cheat the system, and never get caught, sure they do. But many others work 12 hour days and fight to be a success. I worked for a man who had an 8th grade education who built a towing service and was a millionaire. He started with two used trucks. If you go to a tow show, most of those who attend and own their own business started as a driver with nothing but a dream. They fought, sacrificed, persevered, overcame many obstacles to be in the financial positions they are in today. When I go to a tow show, I have not been able to in many years, I can pick out the owners ,many times by just looking for the most stressed out, tired, individuals with the nine mile gaze. 


Despite what politicians tell you, at least the ones who are semi focused on America, (many seem to want to run for President of Mexico rather than the USA) America is still awash in opportunity. A person selected for a Chic fil a franchise only needs 10,000.00 to get started if selected, there are vast opportunities in the trades. HVAC, welders, carpenters, plumbers, and electricians are in demand. But you have to get off your ass and work to make it happen. The education system has brainwashed the current generation XYZ whatever they are called, to follow your dreams. Your dreams are worthless if they do not generate an income! The government needs to get out of the education system lending business immediately. Then the price of advanced education will level out to market demand. 


The USA is still, the best deal in countries around the world, and it is because people get up and go to work every day to make it a better place. 


And like I always say, "Made in China translates to This is Crap." 

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