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Tow Truck Driver garbbed by Gator (FL)

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May 7, 2019: A Florida Gators starting running back Lamical Perine was accused of battery after grabbing a tow truck driver by the arm in an argument. No charges were filed. The tow truck driver asked for an apology.



A video has surfaced from the incident involving Florida running back Lamical Perine and a tow truck driver that resulted in a call to the Gainesville Police Department.


The Gainesville Sun this week released grainy footage received from the cell phone of a witness who watched Perine get mildly physical with a man who was towing his mother's car at an apartment complex.


As you can see from the video, Perine is not happy and words are exchanged in a heated manner.


Florida Towing Statute:
Anyone towing a vehicle in Florida without the consent of the owner must comply with the requirements of Florida Statutes Section 715.07. ... If you returned to your vehicle and it was in the process of being towed, the tow truck driver must agree to lower the vehicle and charge you only half of the locally-allowable rate. Mar 21, 2019
Florida Statutes Section 715.07:
3. A person in the process of towing or removing a vehicle or vessel from the premises or parking lot in which the vehicle or vessel is not lawfully parked must stop when a person seeks the return of the vehicle or vessel. The vehicle or vessel must be returned upon the payment of a reasonable service fee of not more than one-half of the posted rate for the towing or removal service as provided in subparagraph 6. The vehicle or vessel may be towed or removed if, after a reasonable opportunity, the owner or legally authorized person in control of the vehicle or vessel is unable to pay the service fee. If the vehicle or vessel is redeemed, a detailed signed receipt must be given to the person redeeming the vehicle or vessel.

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