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Boat Pic With New Tator  


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Topic Originally Created in June of 2006:


We recovered this boat and trailer on I 280 on 6/6/06, the boat is worth about $120,000. It was being pulled with a Chevy Suburban with 4 wheel steering when the rear tie rod broke. He jacknifed and lost the boat from the trailer. We reloaded the boat back on the trailer and then the whole unit on to our low boy and transported it back to our yard.
When the boat company came to pick it up I decided to play with the new tator and crane it off the damaged trailer and set it on to the new trailer.




















Scooby said:

ok ok...

you got my interest now

fax me over your offer, maybe I’ll move back

truck looks sweet, even though I’am still confused on the names of the colors

why not take some pics of what she has on 'er (hint hint)

like that nice fancy portable genset with the light...lol

I do have to say, mark's a good friend. Came up to the estra show last weekend and gave me a hand with the booth, which was a big help, also took myself and my family out to dinner.

along with purchasing allot of goodies from me.

For all the years I have known him, both professionally and personally, all business done on a "handshake". A true testament of old world values and ones character, especially in this day and age of contacts, lawyers and cutthroats.



FMS MIKE said:

Gorgeous Tator, I love the paint!!



Moranmg said:

Thank you every one. Howie you know that my door is always open to you and i will post more pics of the tator when i am all done with it


Bighook18 said:

Looks great Mark, thanks for the pics. Keep them coming!!


Todd Pell



EricGodard CA said:

Very nice lift.
If your tator looks that good before you finish it I can't wait to see it all done. Very sharpe looking truck!!!


LetsPlay2 said:

Sweet... At least it's out making money for you.
Howie what genset?


hdtowman65 said:

Very nice job! That truck came out beautiful. Lots of luck with it.



HEFFY004 said:

Another fine looking unit for ya Mark......
Catch ya later


Scooby said:

I'll see if mark posts it
I actually sold a bunch the other week.
its SOE for tators




Did not take long to get new paint. Looks better then when paul showed it.. Lee


TOwBoY88 said:

Very nice, Mark.
Hope it makes you a ton (or two) of $$$$$$$$$$$.




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