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If You Cant Steal It Burn It  


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Topic Originally Created on Tow411 in June of 2006:


I was sent on a recki to organise a recovery of a burnt out JCB in a farmers field.
I arrived at the farm and the farmer told me i need to meet up with the Electricity board as it was there tractor. When he told me where it was i thought he was joking. I followed his directions and found the JCB. about three fields away from the farm house.


This is what i found.



The Electricity Boards Mechanic was on site with it removing all the salvageable equipement. The mechanic told me that the over head lines were being replaced and the tractor was left there over night with a drum of copper cable attached and some toe rag tryed to steel the lot. All the electricity boards vehacles have immobalisers fitted so it couldnt be moved so i guess they decided to tourch it. On closer inspection this is what we were left with.








NOT A LOT as you can see. I took a look around to see how we were going to tackle the job. No over head lines so I decided we would use the recoverer crane to lift the JCB and it would have to be placed on the Landoll trailer. Next problem was how i was going to the Landoll Trailer in as it wouldnt go in through the back of the farm it is impossable. I see a gate at the bottom of the field but the field was in crop. Need to have a very very nice word with the farmer.
I went down and caught up with the farmer and explained the way i wanted to do the job and in my thinking was that i couldnt get the Landoll through the back of the farm. I see a gate at the bottom of the field and would it be posable to use it. The farmer was not to happy as the new crop was growing in that field. I did explane that i would try our best not to contaminate the field with any debris and we would keep to the tracks made already. If we had to travel through a coulpe of fields there was a possability of contaminating more than one field. In the end he agreed.
So this morning Andy AKA Castle Sloth and myself arrived on site at 07:20 it was nice and cool and and the sun was out. We drove in to the field and closed the gate behind us (REMEMBER THE COUNTRY CODE ) as Andy pointed out.
We followed the tracks and the Landoll lost traction so i had to assised by pulling the low loader up the hill.




We were hoping this wasn't the way the day was going to carry on. (IT WASNT)
We sited the Scania ready for the lift. I like the JCBs there are lots of places safe enough to lift of off.
















After we put the JCB on the Landoll Andy and i had a clean up of all the debris and placed all the rubbish in to bins though the enviroment agencey will be coming to remove all the contaminated soil (Contaminated by Hydrolic oil and Diesel) Burn outs are a messy job. This is what we looked like.
Here is Andy








Didnt have any problems getting out of the field as it was all down hill. We had to repeat the lift at the JCB Main agent to off load. It was a good job and all went to plan above all it was a pleasure working with Andy as we are on the same wave lenth.



GRAYA4 said:

Good job guys!! Its sometimes not good to keep the farmers happy!
Is that bins yours or the EA's?


mushspeed said:

Well Done Guys........Looks like I dodged the bullet with that one.
Next....... you will want me to provide portable showers!!

It's good when when a plan comes together...when you have the top guys on the job ..........all about Teamwork

Be Safe, Be Lucky. May all of your Punctures be little ones, 'cos it's only flat on the bottom.


unknown member said:

We all learn everyday .Elliot guessed that three shining new dustbins would be enough to clear up the burnout residue as we found out it was not enough so from that the formula is
1 JCB 3cx=5 bins
----- burnout-------


wreckeruk said;

Job well done as usual. Just curious why u didnt just use your flatbed hiab to lift and remove it??



Rotator60 said:

Outstanding job performed by a well trained team. A joy to watch. Thanks for sharing.
Scott Hedgcoth


git r towed said:

Nice job, Dirty job, Nice pictures, Real nice equipment, Good money, Thanks job well done......John


hoover said:

Nicely done lads.
Love the coveralls, Robert and I are ordering a set each from the supplier in Doncaster to try over the pond here!


Towee999 replied:

Hi Keith we estimated the weight of the JCB to be 7 to 7.5 ton and the lorry loader crane would not be capable of lifting the tractor and placing it on the trailer at the distance you see in the pictures.



unknown member said:

good job lads two of the best ON THE JOB ................

tony brett control room at castle recovery dorset england

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