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Beacon issues


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09-11-17: rockymountaintower wrote,

Hey all. We have a 2017 international roll back with a sp9000 side puller. We are having issues with our beacons shutting off when we turn the wig wag on or off. Also the beacon switch flashes while the truck is running. We have checked both junction boxes under the carrier and the back of the switches. All connections are tight and not broken. I am having difficulties locating the ground wires coming out of the junction boxes, wondering if a bad ground could be the issue. Wondering if anybody else has had similar issues and diaged the problem. Any input would be great! Thanks all and be safe out there! d0efed265274956a085e02b1cabc0351.jpg


goodmichael said:

Could have a wire that is pinched into another wire. Could be also scraping onto a fixed object. You have already isolated the problem to the wig wags as well as the beacon lights. You might try isolating the wires, power and signal return (ground) and testing the  wires with an ohmmeter. Make sure that you disconnect the circuit you are testing completely, so you are just testing the circuit's (wire) integrity. Test both the power side as well as the ground side. Should not read more than a few (2) ohms. If the wires are ohming out good, I would suspect the box. Is this an intermittent problem, or is it a consistent one?


02-05-18 rockymountaintower replied,

Just want to update anybody who cares the issue ended up being the switch not staying right in the on our of position



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