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They're here and legal on the road with licence plates (in 4 states and DC)...

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We've been waiting to see these trucks out on the road but many manufacturers have pushed back the production so many times. So there are based on the Cascadia and M2 box truck as well as a Fuso model coming later. 


There are a ton of questions I, as well as many of you, probably have about towing electric only trucks. Penske is getting them first and has had the eM2 box trucking the streets for a while in California. Understandably this is not in my state but close to here.


I cant seem to find out much in the specs but the Tesla model is supposed to have independent motors for each set of duals. How would we tow it from the front without possibly damaging the motors? Also the front bumper on the Tesla appears way too low for the underlift, so there is an issue as well.


Does anyone have any experience in this area? Do we know of anyone who has looked into how we are to provide service to those trucks?

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