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Dear Tow Operator,

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Dear Tow Operator,

    I saw you on the side of the road today and I did as I had been told. I made sure to slow down and move over to give you room to work.

   I never really thought about it, I just did it because it was the right thing to do. I went on my way, later that night I happen to turn on the news. I heard the reporter say a tow truck operator had been struck and killed.

   My mind rushed back to that scene where I recognized the slow down and move over. Even though I never saw you, I knew you were there.

  The news report went on to give the location and I was glad it wasn’t you. Now, I am sad that another did not recognize the dangers of your job. If only they had followed the same slow down and move over that I had, one of your fellow tow operators would be home with their family as I am with mine.

First Draft by Ron Parrish for review. I'll keep working on it or not.

I will make some changes as I see them now. But, I want your opinions Bad or Good...

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