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1 critical after shooting at North Las Vegas tow yard (NV)


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UPDATE 10:15 A.M. Police say they found the tow truck driver involved in this incident and he is being detained for questioning. Police have not said the driver is a suspect. The shooting remains under investigation.



NORTH LAS VEGAS (KTNV) -- A 28-year-old man is recovering at the hospital in very critical condition after a shooting at a tow yard in North Las Vegas, according to police.


Officials say a tow truck driver and someone getting their car towed got into a disagreement that escalated. The disagreement turned into a physical fight that led to the shooting.


Officers are unsure if both parties were shooting or just one, or the other circumstances surrounding the incident.

North Las Vegas Police are looking for the other person right now.


This happened on 4220 Donovan Way, near Losee and Craig roads, around 7:30 p.m.


The shooting remains under investigation.




UPDATE: Man was trying to leave altercation at North Las Vegas tow yard before shooting, police say


UPDATE AUG. 2: A man fighting for his life in the hospital was trying to leave an altercation at a North Las Vegas tow yard before he was shot, police say.

North Las Vegas Police Department says the man and his father were at the tow yard because the man's car had been towed.

He got into a disagreement about tow fees with an employee, 28-year-old Jason Harris, which turned into a physical fight.

Police say the man and his father were leaving the tow yard in their vehicle when a gun fired.

The man shot was sitting in the passenger seat. His father drove out of the area and called police.

The man was rushed to UMC in critical condition.


Harris was arrested and booked at the Las Vegas City Jail on the charges of two counts of attempted murder with a deadly weapon, one count of battery with a deadly weapon and one count of discharge a weapon into an occupied vehicle.

Jason Harris tow shooting.jpg
28-year-old Jason Harris was booked at the Las Vegas City Jail. Source: North Las Vegas Police Department
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Hi All ... I've been following this Vegas shooting since it came out. Interesting. I'm wondering if any insurance representative or insurance expert on this Tow Force site can clarify if there exists any form of insurance to cover on-the-job, or on-the-job site shootings, whether justified or not? What happens if a tow employee shoots and kills someone robbing the company on auction day hoping to liberate auction proceeds? OK ... so the shooting is deemed justifiable but results in a civil suit by the family of the deceased. What if someone pulls a gun on a driver who has a valid CCW permit and the shooting is questionable versus justified? If the driver's shooting is deemed, "on-the-job", will there be any insurance coverage specific to shootings? What if during a PPI, a tow truck driver a punches and involved party, they fall to the pavement and they split their head and dies three-days later? Now what?


I know too many towers who carry, both legally and illegally based on the dangerous nature of their work. I ask this question based on having recorded as many as 117 tow operator shootings or other violent acts since 1934. Ive recorded all kinds of reasons ... during repos in action, PPIs, road rage, during attempted auto theft and especially robberies. Aside from the police investigation, what happens when the tow company and tow employee is sued in civil court after-the-fact? If the deceased family wins in court ... is there insurance coverage?


What about company policy and procedures for no carry? A company can have a written policy, but if an employee is involved in a gun related incident outside of the no carry policy anyway, is there insurance to cover the employee's actions? That's is a tough one. As a former Crimes Against Persons investigator, I know the police side, but what about insurance coverage for a civil action after-the-fact?


I think this is a reasonable question based on the violent climate of the towing and recovery industry. Are there any insurance reps willing to provide some clarification or guidance?   R. 



Randall C. Resch

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I know many Tow Truck Operators now carry, not sure I would go as far as to say "too many towers who carry" However, keep in mind we do not live in the world we grew up in, the dangers both roadside and domestic have increased. Now Firefighter and EMS carry, even Garbage Collectors Carry. Are more guns the answer, in a perfect world of course not. However, we do not live in a prefect world and we must be prepared for the unexpected. The fear however will be that the person with the gun will not be properly trained. Details of this event involving a Tow Op and A Gun are still pending. Hopefully, at some point we have details and an industry insurance professional that can advise.


Now, I open carry and I carry the USCCA Insurance. I highly recommend this to everyone who carries a firearm. While we hope to never use that weapon to defend ourselves. Having the firearm is a responsibility and should be a last resort, not a first response. As more details of this story are revealed we will learn if this is a justified shooting or something that will result in charges. Leaving the scene of the incident brings more unanswered questions.


I encourage everyone to be wise and be insured choose USCCA





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Thanks Ron for providing the link to the USCCA site and your's is a very good recommendation for sure. You're right about the world we live in, especially after Steve Tasker was gunned down in Baltimore last Monday as the result of a possible street robbery. Perhaps the best defense for any shooting is whether or not the action is justifiable and that the shooter is properly trained and permitted to do so.  Even still ... the family of the deceased may file a wrongful death suit because there are plenty of ambulance chasers awaiting the opportunity.    R.

Randall C. Resch

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I’ve been driving a tow truck since 1977. I don’t do repo work. I’ve never carried a gun but own several. At one time I was a reserve police officer for 5 years and carried while assisting the local police. Now I find myself in more and more dangerous situations. Just last Saturday at 2:00am I towed a vehicle and customer in for a simple collision with an animal (cow).  After taking him to a motel, waking the owner, and getting him a room, he insisted I drop his vehicle in the parking lot— without payment. Not happening. Very tense situation. Law enforcement was at least 30 minutes away. I was finally able to convince the customer the vehicle would be safe with me and left with it. I just completed the CCW class and will probably spend more time carrying a weapon —- for self protection only

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