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Topic Originally Created in March of 2014:


We fished this D6T out of the mud last week. Closest we could get was about 125 foot. One hook and out she came with a two part line. "Pete" didn't even grumble. Less than one hour port to port. The power line crew was tickled to death. They had been yanking on it with other equipment for quite a while. You can see the hole they had it "wallered" down in to. Scott Graham, Graham's Wrecker Service, Franklin, In.


























TowmanH2 said:

Very nice recovery!


bbarnett said:

No problem for a Hubbard at all. Good lookin truck!!


Hot Rod Motor Sports r53_1559570274.gif said:

Thanks! A good challenge makes the day better!


sdr said:

great looking Hubbard


Hot Rod Motor Sports r53_1559570274.gif said:

Thanks, it was a Western and Southern truck. Still rust free. We added the Zacklift. It is a very well rounded unit now. It's a 77 with an 80 Hubbard. Scott


Sirknucklehead said:

Nice recovery, and very cool pete. What a beautiful truck.


Ed Barker said:

Great looking old hubbard,,from Farmland ,Indiana,,,we almost bought a new one of those many years ago.


builder 2 said:

there's something that really is impressive when you tell someone you had to recover a dozer.


Hot Rod Motor Sports r53_1559570274.gif said:

Thanks, we are very happy with it.


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