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Paper Rollover

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Had this one on one of the main feeder junctions heading for Southampton...causing traffic chaos


Loaded with 8 rolls of paper each weighing  3 and a half  tons, total cargo weight  =  28 tons


We decided the best way to deal with this, was to cut along the top of the curtain, rig to winch the truck upright and leave the load lying on the road. 


We decided against cushions because the load was unstable and it would be difficult to control, plus,  because they had shifted and the binders had broken....   they would have to be unloaded anyway....


It was an easy upright.....  we then used our Knuckleboom crane to reload the rolls onto one of our trailers for onward transportation.









Eddie 2.jpg

Eddie 3.jpg

Eddie 1.jpg

Eddie 4.jpg

Eddie 7.jpg

Eddie 5.jpg

Eddie 6.jpg

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Thanks  Rod ....the actual rigging and upright took less than 1 hour and about 2 hours to lift and reload the rolls onto another trailer.....


Sorry no pics of the reload .....we were under a lot pressure from the police to get the road open .....forgot about pics.



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Yea a curtain side trailer with large, round, unsecured cargo? That was the best choice you could have made. I've seen guys bag some pretty cool stuff but unless you could secure them together it would be a potential mess. You don't need 3 ton rolls rolling around the highway aimlessly... Nice work John.


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All I ever had securing rolls of paper when I hauled them was a load bar to the back and the last 2 rolls had mats under them. Never in a curtain side but the walls even on a van will not stop the rolls of they went loose. Shipper and dispatcher told me that's how they are shipped.

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