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Do you use brochures?


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05-24-06: Wade200 Wrote,

Does anyone use brochures? I am trying to make one, but I was wondering how much they will really help. Am I just wasting my time and money? I was thinking about getting my dad (the owner) to run by all the shops we currently tow for and new possible customers with doughnuts, brochures and business cards. I wish I knew how to design stuff like that. I have to hand draw everything and then get a print shop to make something similar before printing them out. I picked up one of Johnson's Wrecker Service Inc.'s brochures at the Florida show. It looks great and has given me several ideas.
If you use brochures and have the ability to email me yours I would really appreciate it.
Thanks in advance.


Waffco Joe said,

We use to.Honestly,a website is a lot better for business.A website doesn't get lost in a stack of papers on someone desk. Joe


NicholasRogers said:

Daniel one of the best things I used was 4x5 notepads. Even if a company does not currently use you they will use your notepad and that keeps your name in front of them. It also works well to hand out to law enforcement. If you need an affordable printer you or John call me and Ill get in contact with mine.
MNPOOL said:
Daniel: Yes we do, E-mail or call and I will send you one.
Wade200 replied,
Sounds good so far. I just didn't want to waste extra money only to find no one has luck with them. I really like the notepad idea, I read one of Ron's older post stating how he puts a notepad in every vehicle he tows. I think this will help as well. I found a reasonable print shop in town today. I will try them out tomorrow.
Thanks again!
Oklatom said:
Brochure? Nope. Tell you what I use though (along with a newspaper ad in services).
Magnetic business cards. Every car that comes in to the repair shop gets one, under the hood. What's the first thing you do when it won't start? Right, you open the hood and stare at the engine. What do you see then? My card, my number. Then I get the "come tow it and fix it please" call.
Anaron said:
Tom, that's a good idea! Hadn't thought of that one!RON BURNES
Danielswt said:
We use these,we hang them up in gas station and truck stop's, etc. anywhere we see that has a pinup board. I usually hang a few business card's with them also. We also have a bunch that are laminated that we gave to our everyday account's to hang up. You can never have too much publicity.

Interstow said:
I use a 4x6 postcard that I direct mail to prospective clients that I have collected from the local yellow pages. I also use them as "business cards".
TimJohn said:
Daniel, I made a brochure myself on microsoft word. I used one of their templates and modified it a bit. I am very unknowledgable when it comes to computers so I think anyone can do it. I looked at a bunch of other brochures from all types of companies. Took advice from them all and made one for myself.

What is nice about doing them yourself, you can modify them to your particular customer. A heavy duty customer will have different desires than law enforcement or a dealership. You can tailor the brochure to each customer if necessary. I made three different brochures for different types of customers.

Also, instead of printing them on your own, take the disk into kinko's. They will print them for you. I think it cost me 38 cents a side for color copies.

The brochure itself may not win a new customer, but when mixed in with paper pads, pens, and a coffee mug, it creates an image of professionalism and dedication. And we can always stand to look better in the eyes of our customers

Good luck,
If you need any help, email me @ grubestowing@sbcglobal.net
Curt Sharp:
We use a combination of brochures, note pads, business cards, desk calenders, and calender's for vehicles... cater to everyone a little better this way.
Scooby said:
Dan, we use brochures for new customers @ John's
I made them out on a program I have in Microsoft suite
I also print them using my copier. Cheaper then sending it out in the long run
If you send me your address, I'll send you one alsosales, service and specialized training serving both the rescue & towing/recovery professions.
Ed Barker said:
Scooby, I was wondering if I could get a brochure from you,we are trying to design a brochure and it is tough to do.Thanks Ed ,,,
Barker's Towing&Recovery 6365 state route 38 s.e. London,Ohio 43140
Heffy004 said:
Ed..... I have had very good luck with my brochures over the past several years.
I will fire one off in the mail to you tomorrow..... I am sure that it will give ya some good ideas when designing your own.

Catch ya & C'ya
HEFFY pimp.gif
Scooby replied:
Ed, I'll fire one out to you wed.
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My wife has a little printing and duplication business.  We often print postcards for local church and non-profits.  I use the same type postcards for the flag business.  Costs for the cards is not bad at all but around 34 cents for stamp unless you use a bulk mailing permit.  Good results, but getting a good mailing list takes a lot of time.  Let me know if I can help.


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