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Fishing Trip

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We were called by our local sheriff to respond to a vehicle in the river. Once on scene we found this Suburban out in the river about 50 feet from shore and about 30 feet below the road. We assessed the situation and thought we could get out to the vehicle and hook it up. We tried 2 times but the current was far too strong, we used the local DNR to get out by boat to defeat the current. Once hooked up we winched it towards the shore and to the east via snatch block on huge cottonwood tree. Once it was far enough in we hooked the second winch line to the passenger side frame. We walked it up and over to get it on the bank, while trying to avoid tree roots and rocks. When we reached the shore, we disconnected the snatch line and hooked to drivers side frame. We pulled it up more till we had to re snatch it off an other tree to pull it away from next set of rocks. Once clear we removed snatch and double lined it up the hill about 35 degree angle the 30 feet to the roadway. Let the police process it then hooked it up with flatbed and returned to our shop.  All advice comments welcomed, only can get better with different views, so thanks in advance.
























Mooresbp r55_1559570275.gif said:

Looks like a lot of work, can you get paid on the liability side or does it have full coverage? Those old cottonwoods are pretty stout, nice work



tow4fun said:

...get paid accordingly. emoticonthumb.gifemoticonthumb.gif



unknown member said:

What is DNR? Fire dept or something else? Thanks for the pics cool recovery.


n8 said:

DNR = Department of Natural Resourses.  Better known as Game Warden's in some states.

Not sure where that street tired soccer mom wagon thought it was going...?


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