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recovery we did after a windstorm.

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Topic from June of 2009:




















This was my first ever recovery of a travel trailer, so any comments would be appreciated.

We were able to flip it twice and put it back on its wheels with no additional damage.

We recovered this with our F-450 Vulcan 882


he trailer was on its top we hooked to the "A" frame of the hitch, and to the end of the trailer

at the "bumper area" seemed to be the strongest points, and didn't require us to strap around

side walls, didn't know the durability and strength of walls.

We winched it up with an extended boom, I then fished it by raising the boom up so it was more

of a roll then pull, and winched cables in until the center of trailer came toward truck, and then

I lowered the boom to "cradle" it down. Once on its side we re hooked the rigging with snatch

blocks to winch "down" toward bottom of truck using fishing with the boom again and then down

to set it on wheels. All tires were up no extra damage to trailer so could be hauled off to salvage yard.



Wreckerman05 said:

good recovery-looks like a total loss, hope they had insurance


Twotows said:

Hey Mater, Give me a shout on the pm
Bob from Iowa City (Campus Towing)


Iatowmater Said:

Thanks the ground was little soft from rain, so the support on the hitch Kinda of sunk into the ground, that kept us ok

and also level ground. Yes the customer had insurance, they had there house messed up too, along with the garage too.

I guess if there was a silver lining for them lots of the trees that went down were Black walnuts, and they had lots of long

thick pieces so logs to lumber might pay pretty good to off set deductible.


Wrecker44 said:

When it was still on it's roof, I would have laid down a few 4x4's where it was going to land to keep a gap under it,

so I could get my 24'x8" straps under it. When dealing with travel trailers, just keep in mind that it doesn't take a lot

of force to seperate the body from the frame. There isn't much holding it together, so there is a good chance it can

come apart on you when trying to upright one from the frame. I wouldn't try one that is over 20ft long by the frame.

I would get my straps under it and reverse-roll it, so my straps are supporting the body to keep it from breaking up.

Looks like it worked just fine for you this time... GOOD JOB Stay safe.....Matt



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