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Dog Chained To Bed Of Tow Truck On Highway (MA)


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Massachusetts State Police said they're investigating after someone caught a photo of a dog chained to the flatbed of a tow truck.


WALTHAM, MA — Massachusetts State Police are investigating after local police sent them a photo showing a dog sitting on the back of a Waltham-based tow truck as it drove down Interstate 95 near Totten Pond Road. The photo was shared hundreds of times on social media.


"I am so sick to my stomach over this," wrote Stephanie Isaac, who was one of many who posted the image to her account talking about the dog, which appeared chained to the back of a Ramsay's Tow truck.


Shortly after, Ramsay's Towing posted a response on social media.


"We have just been made aware of the photo that is circulating on Facebook," " reads the post. "We do not support the drivers actions and he was terminated immediately."


But state police said they're working with the Animal Rescue League of Boston on the investigation and aren't yet sure who the dog belongs to. Investigators received mixed reports about whether the dog belonged to the tow truck driver or the person having a van towed.


Having an animal improperly secured does come with a fine, according to State Police spokesperson Dave Procopio. But the bigger potential question is whether this was animal cruelty, he said.

Investigators are looking into whether the animal was put in danger in such a way that meets the criteria for animal cruelty, said Procopio.


"It's immoral, it's not right to the animal," he said. "And quite likely illegal, too. And the Animal League and our investigation will determine whether anyone should be cited."


Mike DeFina, a spokesperson for the Animal Rescue League of Boston, confirmed the rescue league was helping with the investigation.


"But because the investigation is in the very early stages, ARL cannot comment at this time or speculate on what charges may or may not result from the investigation," he said.


Overall, animals being improperly secured in a vehicle is something typically handled by local law enforcement during traffic stops, so it's not a circumstance that the Animal Rescue League is directly involved with often, he said.


"However this is something that seems appalling and extreme and ARL Law Enforcement along with Massachusetts State Police will be vigilant in discovering the circumstances surrounding this photo and whether punishment beyond a citation is warranted," DeFina told Patch in an email.







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