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Gone Fishing!

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Topic originally created by Towman3167 in May of 2007:


A long time customer called and asked if i could meet him at this boat ramp because he had a problem and o bring you're big fishing pole. Ok. 40 mile drive and this is what i find.
















This is a 32ft. glacier bay cat. He drove it on to the trailer and his son drove the truck up the ramp OPS. forgot to hook the winch strap to the boat and it slid 3/4 of the way of the trailer landing on the final drives and props. And of course a lot looki-loos pointing and laughing at him and his crew.


Underdog said:

That's definitely embarrassing! Nice job.
Stay safe, Rich.


Ed Barker said:

Now this is a prime example for all those "TATOR HATERS",,,,,,,look how hard that would have been with a stick boom or a mechanical??????,,,that truck made short work of that job,,,646.gif


Curt Sharp said:

I understand that this is not a very heavy lift, however, I feel that "tator operators had better become a little more disciplined in setting outriggers properly. Not only is it proper, safer, and easier on the truck to have them placed properly...but it is easier than standing your truck back up!

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