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Prayer is insanity


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This Topic was start by Met Tech on the Old Tow411 in May of 2013:


I felt it was time to bring it back since we see a bit of negativity from time to time within Towing Groups on Facebook. These replies found on the message board are more than 5 years past. Has anything changed on the message board or is that a Facebook thing. Do you believe that having God is a part of Aerican society is what made American Great? 


--------- START ------------

Met Tech said:

Why do so many members feel the need to reference their choice of deity with a 'Thoughts and Prayers' type message or reply ?

You don't have evidence for your god.  You don't have evidence that prayer is effective.

This is a towing forum, not a religious forum.

Please try to keep it real.  Is that really so difficult ?

I'm not saying that you can't have imaginary friends, only that not everyone wants to read about them.

Thank you.


Miracle1 said:

You want it kept real? If you have a issue with the way the bulk express their sympathies you have the option of not reading them or simply going away...


With your obvious beliefs,I prefer the latter..How's that for keeping it real?



Street Jesus said:



someotherplace said:

Howdy new guy,
Way to get a great start here at tow411. 652.gif

Guess what?  I'm not religious either.  But whatever people post that makes them feel better or convey their feelings is their business, and if you haven't noticed, they constitute the majority of the folks here.  So either get over it or don't read it - because I can assure you it's not going away.  And furthermore, respectfully - if it troubles you that much, you've got some other issues to work through.  Nobody is forcing you to worship anybody/anything.

I'm not trying to be flippant, just keeping it real.


mooresbp r55_1559570275.gif said:

I think you might be better off not getting a lot of us started on this.............


TowZone said:

Thoughts & Prayers, some simply add their thoughts and are respectful of those who pray for others. Many here will say a prayer for you today for your spirit has surely lost its way. Not its way towards any god as that is your choice, but its way to humanity. Regardless of ones religious background or belief we the towing community of this Towing Information Network believe in the Power of Collective Thought. Which many of us have witnessed.

I am sure I have witnessed this Power several times within these forums over the past 12 years and once it has touched the life of one who is very close to me. Now that Collective Thought transcended all who contributed to it regardless of their convictions. If you have no religion in your life then certainly you have compassion. If not compassion then you are without a soul and darkness fills your spirit. Now go find your soul and you may return with a different outlook for many here do have compassion. I have the evidence in pages and pages of Thoughts and Prayers when our daughter was born at 27weeks. We had the best doctors we could bring in, but even they did not give us much hope. However then walls of the room were lined with copies from the thread of Member Responses in the form of both Thoughts and Prayers. The Collective Though of those members 9 years ago on the message board was unheard of at that time. A Message Board with just over 300 members and we must have had nearly as many thinking of us in both religious and non religious terms. Great Doctors, the Power of Collective Thought and the Kiss of an Angel one night during her 91 day stay in the hospital was a sign of miracles. While the blond streak in her brown hair could be from the shot they gave in her tiny head that night they said she would not make it though the night or it was truly an angels kiss. Just knowing that there were so many holding our family in the thoughts as we dealt with such a traumatic event was proof that a higher power was at work.

So we keep those who are dealing with trauma in our Thoughts and Prayers. We do not force prayer or religion on anyone here and are respectful of all just as you should be. then maybe you will find your way once again.


FTI Groups said:

Great post Ron. Threads that start this way just make me shake my head...

Jeffrey Godwin


GregTowzit  said:

I have always regarded Tow411 as a place for professional towers. Part of being professional is knowing when to and when not to say something.


MrsHook said:

Stark, I am very sorry that you feel this way.


doingitall r54_1559570275.gif said:

It is supposed to be a free country, believe (or don't believe) what you want, don't force it on me!

As said above, I will live like there is a God and be happy when I find out there is before I take the chance there is not a God and find out there is! Better odds ...


Mama Null said:

For me, prayer is SANITY. I have made the comment to many people, not just tow people, that if I concentrated on the danger that is waiting for us when we go out on a call, I would have to be locked up in a mental ward. It is the power of prayer that gets me through each and every day. My God has a plan and I trust in Him, no matter what happens. Thoughts and prayers is not just an expression, it is what I do. Like, Ron, I have experienced the power of God in many situations in my life and I feel sorry for anyone who has not.
Gwen Null
Null's Towing 610-593-5586
Null's Sales & Service LLC 610-235-6657
edgarroad r52_1559570274.gif said:
i've thought about met techs post and, although, everyone is entitled to his or her opinion mom always said if you have nothing constructive nor nice to say dont say anything at all.truer words may never be spoken.
BlackAutoload said:
...and when a place seems dead , a thread like this awakens it.
I think of beliefs like safety chains.
Orcas Tow r55_1559570275.gif said:
Who peed in his cereal this morning?
Wreckergirl said:
what the?.you could simply not read them.
24hr towing & roadside Assistance.
Coleman wi 920-594-0432
"Just one call & you're hooked"
ASAPautomotive r55_1559570275.gif said:
Stark, I truly feel for you and your soul. I may not make it to church on a regular basis, but I know my God. One can just as easily sit under a shade tree, put there by God, and communicate with God, as easily as going to a church and praying to God.

Gwen, and Ron in particularly, your responses are as pure and honest about faith in God, prayer, and plain old collective thought as any response can be. I'm sure Ed Barker will weigh in on this one soon as well.

As some of you know, I am a Paramedic/RN in addition to owning this little mad house called ASAP Towing. I have years of trauma experience from working EMS in the streets of New Orleans as well as the ER, and I also have years of neo-natal experience flying and caring for premies in the NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit) as young and even younger in gestational age as Ron's daughter was at birth. I've seen the human body put through some absolutely horrifying trauma and I've held 500 gram preemie's that fit comfortably in the palm of my hand. I've seen the horror on a loved ones face when the bullets did more than we as Paramedic's, RN's, MD's, etc. good treat. I witnessed the dispair of mom's and dad's whose new born was called from this earth before they could bond with  their parents. But I've also sseen the incredible joy that comes from a trauma save, or the face on a cardiac arrest patient as they were being discharged with a new outlook on life.  I've seen the tears of joy on the parents face and even shed a few of my own when discharging a premie who I cared for in the NICU for 6 months after being born so incredibly early.

You see, whether it's the joy found in a save, or the incredible agony felt by family and care givers alike when one cannot be saved, it is all by the hand of God. There is absolutely no way the professionals provide the care they do just on the ability of a human. A greater Power instills that gift. It is easy to understand how some cannot believe that a loving God would allow such travesty, such pain or agony that family and friends feel when a loved one is lost, particularly a new born. But as Gwen so aptly put it, "My God has a plan and I trust in Him, no matter what happens." Without God none of us would learn from or be able to carry on after such pain. Without God Stark, you would not be able to share the obvious agony you display in your post. God gives us the tools, it is up to each of us to put them to good use.

As God is the creator of Heaven and Earth, their is a balance between Heaven and Earth. It is up to each and every one of us to keep the faith and maintain our own balance.
rotator60 said:
Reminds me of the Dixie Chicks comments..We all know how that ended..End of a career I believe..
In Memory of NationalAutow who said:
Stark -
I have to ask, are you now or have you ever been under the care of a psychiatric professional?

Do you walk into a room and just yell and scream that your way is the right way and everyone else is wrong?

Do you have no respect for your fellow man?

I feel certain that you have what you believe is credible evidence for your position. Why in the world you would come to a non-religious forum that is predominantly made up of Christians and espouse this crap?

Like it or not, I will say that a lot of people will be praying for you.
tteck151 said:
Stark , I'M for you not against you because this is the way believer's /followers roll. Even when we don't agree with you .  You ever hear terminology ,"what goes around comes around " .  we call it reap what you sow . Deny him before your friends and he will deny you .  Not judging you but scared for you . If and when you have really big problem and you have exhausted all your options , and that day will come , you got nothing to loose , Ask for help in prayer .  What ever you believe , please don't condemn us for expression of Peace and love for our LORD AND SAVIOR . I promise you myself and many more on here witness Gods power every single day and would like to have the opportunity to share Prayer because we know there is power in numbers .
mooresbp r55_1559570275.gif said:
tatorsalad72 r53_1559570274.gif said:
You need some Jesus in your life!  I don't know how people function on a daily basis without God in their heart.  I think that would be a very empty feeling....How can one look in the eyes of a newborn....look at the clouds in the sky....see a miracle and say there in no God.  To me that is insane.  When I finish my message I will pray for you. 

B & D Wrecker
Greenway Towing said:
I did not know anyone was trying to proselytize you here on Tow411?
Randy1 said:
"I am anti religion, and pro science and reason.  Christianity is the most popular religion in USA, so the cross is more easily recognized than the symbols of the competitor religions. I assure you that I despise Islam more than I do Christianity. I would have selected a different avatar, perhaps a truck, but I kept seeing 'Thoughts and prayers' style comments on this board. I selected the anti religion avatar to show that not everyone has imaginary friends. Funny thing is that we have a competitor that has crosses and 'Trust in God. Fear Nothing.' slogans on his truck. Yuk !"
  A partial quote from one of Met Techs previous conversation's , emoticonconfused.gif  

        Thought's and prayer's that all work's out for you. wink.gif
TowZone said:
I generally use Thoughts and Prayers in respect to all, saying that one dislikes the word prayer is saying they disrespect those who do pray. I do not disrespect any members here for their beliefs and everyone has something they believe in. To be politically correct we could simply say our thoughts are with others during a tragedy. But then I am sure there are those who would not even agree with that and without know do not care for the loss of loved ones. Perhaps we could say Thoughts or Prayers, but then that sounds odd. Maybe we just do not say anything, I am sure that would make some happen, that simply want to forget and move on.

Myself, I have seen the power of collective thought and that came for someplace. My belief system is different from most and that is as far as i will go because this is not a religious website, this is a towing message board. Everyone has their right to Freedom of Religion in this country, our fore fathers fought for that right. They fought for the right have God in your Life of Not to have a Higher Power. If you dislike the word prayer then stay out of the headlines, because someone is going to express their freedom.

On a side note, they took freedom of religion out of the schools and replace it with no life values. We see how well that has worked out, many of our youth do not value life.
rabtif3 r58_1559570276.gif said:
I CHOOSE to reference My God, or " Deity " because I do not forsake my God.

I do not have any evidence that my God is real you say, however you have absolutely no evidence to prove my God isn't. You have no evidence to prove that Prayers are innefective, yet many people can testify to the contrary, Myself and my coworkers among them!!!

While this may be a Towing forum, you forget that Towers are also, for the most part, blue collar workers. Maybe you are unaware that it was working men, an abundant supply of them religous, that fought and died to make this country free. That freedom gives you the right post stupid threads, such as this one. In response to your thread, many men and woman today ( myself among them ) are strong to their roots of Faith, Family, Loyalty, Hard work, and Living a Good Life. We feel no need nor any desire whatsoever to hide that fact so that YOU may feel more comfortable reading a thread without words like Prayer, God, and Faith. Our desire is express concern and offer sympathy and support to those that request it. I feel sorry for you, not because you don't believe. I feel sorry for you because you don't know the strength of fellowship. The comfort and the strength to endure that you feel when " Thoughts and Prayers " are  spread out your way. I also feel for you because should some tragedy strike you while working, and your tragedy makes the " Headlines " here on the forum, I feel it will be a lonely and cold thread.

 Keep it real? WE are keeping it real. Last time I checked, I didn't see a thread on this forum that had titles like " REPENT YOUR SINS FOR THE END OF TIMES IS NEAR " or " GET SAVED NOW OR YOUR CRAZY ".... So, from my point of view, YOU are the one not keeping it real!

 I'm not saying that you HAVE to believe in God, or " imaginary friends ", I'm only saying that you should RESPECT MY RIGHT, AND EVERYONE ELSE'S RIGHT HERE TO BELIEVE IN WHATEVER WE CHOOSE!!! ...

Finally, I am gonna side with,  and say ditto to, and Quote  Kenny's comment...." You want it kept real? If you have a issue with the way the bulk express their sympathies you have the option of not reading them or simply going away... With your obvious beliefs,I prefer the latter..How's that for keeping it real? "
Towgodess14 said:
There are many things in this world we can not see that we believe in.
You can not see gravity, but you can see the effect it has.

I would never ask you to accept something you do not believe in, I do however ask that you respect those that do.
TOM JR said:
"There is no such thing as an athiest in a foxhole"
AutoHaus1 said:
Well Stark, do you have proof that said diety does not exist?
The wise man or even the gambler knows the right move here.

It's a free country, that's why I live in America. Besides, show some respect for your fellow man.
Jef said:
This is a nation built on freedom of religion, not from it. I am also a big believer of do whatever makes you happy. If you choose to believe in a God, more power to you. If your personal beliefs say science is what makes the world go round, that works too.

Side note: "In God We Trust" is printed on back of the reason we all go to work.
geartow said:
Mr. MET TECH as I see you are British maybe this "WITH GOD I CAN DO ALL THINGS" and prayer ,idea is new to you .
Silverhawk r53_1559570274.gif  said:
The world if full of different opinions.  It does take all kinds to make the world.  The key factor is respect for the other guys/girls opinion.  No matter how crazy it is.  The words nuts comes to mind;  different sizes and different threads. 
towmanjc said:
Someone got issues!! Don`t worry..We`ll pray for you too!!!
TAZBOY said:
New Zealand Towing said:
everyone is entitled to their own views and beliefs stark.

however it is faith

that helps us through each day dealing with serious accidents, idiots on the road and those who come to collect their vehicles.

we pray for a good day free from abuse, free from death for ourselves and our staff every time getting out of the truck on the freeway because some clown does not slow down or move over.

or the drunk driver who takes out a school bus full of kids we pray and hope no kids are injured.

it is our faith that makes us hold our heads high and say we are professionals

I have my own beliefs and I ask the god of towing to keep me and my staff safe and for a good day.

those of us who post "our thoughts and prays" for others who have passed away or become ill / injured in the line of duty.
it is because most of us in the industry have been around for a long time and we personally or professionally meet them or know of them

they are our brothers / sisters of the towing community so they are in our thoughts

we also pray they recover and their family makes it through the heart break of losing a loved one or seeing them injured.
hookrite said:
Go in peace with.......... Our Thoughts and Prayers!!!
TOM JR said:
Feminist until your married, communist until your rich, athiest until the plane starts falling. 
Ronin said:
I don't publicly discuss politics or religion, but I'll say that if the words of the majority of members here bothers you, you are free to find another towing forum.
Tom Jr, great quote! 
TowZone said:

I had no I idea that this poem must really bother some of our members. While I cannot nor will I change it to be politically correct. I will warn you to stop reading following the words Lest We Forget and leave it at that....

Lest we forget them on the long road home

The tow operator stood and faced his Maker, which must always come to air.
He hoped his chains were left behind and he hadn't brought them on to bare.
"Step forward now, wrecker driver how shall I deal with you?"
Have you always rendered aid? To your Maker, have you been true?
The tower, with dirt on his hands, said "No sir, I guess I ain't.
Because those of us who drive wreckers can't always be a saint.
I've had to work most Sundays and at times my talk was rough,
and sometimes I've taken people cars, because life is just that tough.
But I never took a penny, that wasn't mine to keep.
Though I logged a lot of hours when the bills just got too deep.
And I never passed by a cry for help though at times I had little to gain,
and sometimes, please forgive me, I could do little more than feel their pain.
I know I don't deserve a place among the people here.
They only wanted me around in their worst of moments there.
But if you have a place for me here, well...it need not be too grand.
I never expected or had too much so if you don't...I'll understand."
There was silence all around the room where the saints respectfully stood.
As the tow operator waited quietly, for the judgment...bad or good.
"Step forward now, wrecker driver, you've borne your burdens well.
Come tow on heaven streets, You've done your time in hell."
ASAPautomotive r55_1559570275.gif said:
Amen, Ron
rabtif3 r58_1559570276.gif said:
Vinny 8660 said:
I for one have seen the power of prayer and can tell you that it does work. From little everyday things to the big things in your life. Not to mention the peace it brings to your spirit.
Ed Johnson r55_1559570275.gif said:
Some great comments here. It is good to hear so many tow drivers have personal knowledge about God.

So, why do people on this site call upon God when they hear of disaster falling onto another person? Because they are human and they feel the losses suffered by others. If a person fails to allow his deepest feelings to come out when others suffer loss, it is because they are empty shells or simply afraid to speak out.

In my police life (a long time ago) I saw many people in distress and sometimes they would actually ask me to pray for them or with them and I would. Watching a person dying should bring out the very best in you. Praying for someone who is a friend or relative of the dead or dying person is a great expression of human love to someone else.

As far as proof of God is concerned, I am quite sure we cannot prove his existence to you. Nonetheless, in sociology courses I took in college, we were taught that societies adopt concepts that work for them and reject concepts that do not. For all the ages that man has existed on this planet, mankind has sought gods to worship. If billions of people over thousands of years and in untold numbers of societies have come to accept the existence of gods, there must be good reason to believe. Some of our greatest thinkers including Sir Isaac Newton (discovered the nature of motion and gravity) believe, there is probably a good chance that a supreme god exists. Scientists do not have to see, feel, hear in order to believe in scientific discoveries but they come to adapt laws based on continued observation and actions. I believe in electrons, atoms, protons even though I have never seen, felt, tasted, or heard of any of them. Some of the world's greatest thinkers and rulers (Hammurabi, Einstein, Marconi, Winston Churchill, Franklin Roosevelt (the only president to openly lead the nation in prayer on a radio in which he announced to the people of the United States that the Normandy invasion was in progress), Galileo Galileil (founder of the study of physics) , Lord Kelvin (thermodynamics) Emmanuel Kant (one of the greatest modern philosophers).

These great thinkers certainly cannot be considered  to be stupid or insane. I learn whatever I can from people who are much wiser than me and along with my personal experiences, I am convinced that believing in the God worshiped by millions of people over thousands of years is a prudent action.

One more point, why does it bother you so bad that other people have faith in God. Why can't you simply leave them to their beliefs while you live your own?

Again, thanks to all you guys who have expressed your belief in God - your comments are reasoned and deeply personal.
Ed Johnson, Coliseum Towing Service, Hampton, VA. 23666. 
DragNTow r52_1559570274.gif said:
I don't claim to be overly religious. I also don't force my beliefs on anyone who does not want to hear them. Working 24/7 makes church attendance impossible. If my praying for someone offends you, don't read my post.
Funny thing is, when I was consumed in fire up to my waist, it was God who I called out to. I asked him why, actually I screamed out why me God. A year later He told me why. You can believe or not believe that is your choice.

Happy Haulin.............DragNTow
unknown member said:
Well this escalated quickly. I don't know if I should address this sentiment towards the original poster or not as whether or not the original poster will return seems uncertain.
As a fellow atheist, I understand your sentiments and even agree with them to a point but as you yourself stated, this is not a religious forum so posting this topic here is just bad taste and you knew it would garner inflammatory responses.
If the religious want to insert their god in a science classroom, if the religious want to use their religion to deny others human rights, if the religious want to make the laws of their holy book the law of the land, if the religious want to display their intolerance in public or come knocking on my door... then we will have issues and it will not be pretty.
But, throwing a fit over someone mentioning god or prayer on a public forum? Get over yourself. We have to share this planet with humans of all belief systems. A little give and take and goodwill are necessary on both sides to maintain a civil, functioning society. No harm, no foul, I say.
Steve Catlett r53_1559570274.gif said:
This is why I love this forum, My thoughts and prayers to all of you!
Bigtow00 said:
I used to be just like Stark.
I had no belief in anything because i wanted proof. In my mind after all the bible was written by man, not God himself.  I was raised Southern Baptist and was forced to go to church. I resented my Grandmother for it.
Throughout my life i have searched for answers. I believe that people need something to comfort them in time of need. I learned that i did not need to go to church every Sunday to feel god in my life.
My wife and i like going to church but don't go regularly. I have studied many religions and i always felt that the Baptist religion was too judgemental but that was due to the church i was going to. We found a church that we like and it has felt like it has brought a lot of happiness into our life.
I have always been a realist and i am still in search of answers. We still visit different churches as we don't always agree with all of what the church preaches. My wife is a lot more knowledgeable of the bible then i am and has even walked up and questioned the preacher after the sermon. I have read the bible in some of my darkest times, it has comfort and has helped me get through it.

Like i said people need something to believe in.......... Even if its nothing.....

So here is mine......................

I will continue my journey. Who knows, we may all be wrong. I hope that when I reach the clearing at the end of my path i will get to see my mother again and all the loved ones i have lost...................

This is all i'm hoping for...........

Cya in the ditch,
My thoughts and prayers are with you always................
Jason Ray
Heavy Duty Specialist/TRIP Supervisor
School of hard knocks Membership # 05101978 (Charter Member) 
"My Views may not reflect the views of my employer"
Fast Forward to May 2014:
AZTowKING said:
Stumbled across this today (a year late) LOL. So my question to MET TECH and anyone else who shares his opinion. Ask GOD the one who I believe in not you I understand that to (REMOVE ANY AND ALL MERCY AND GRACE FROM YOUR LIFE) only if you are serious.
Be careful and choose wisely...................................
In Memory of avellasgarage who said;
Clearly is not so hard being an asshole!
This nation was built on " In God we trust" If people have an issue with it? Stay were you came from, no one forced you to come here. Every dollar and cent you earn and spend and in some cases send back to your Country reads " In God We Trust " clearly you haven't got an issue spending it and earning it and saving it? Just because someone else says it or believes in it, don't mean you have to. But you should respect others and their religion. Gods Speed everyone...
inaminute said:
I am an atheist but feel free to send me your thoughts and prayers and I will not be offended. I consider them a goodwill gesture on your part. I have read the forum a lot and I haven't seen any reason for Starks attack and wonder if it didn't come from life outside the forum. (Maybe his Facebook page gets god spammed by his Christian friends like mine does, and yes that does get annoying)  I respect everyone's beliefs and only ask that my non belief be respected. I know that most of you will think I'm insane for having a lack of belief but please don't judge me for that, judge me for the person I am. In the same way you think I'm crazy to not believe, I think you are crazy to believe, but that has no bearing on what I think of someone. And for some of the posters, an atheist does not rule out the possibility of a god because of course that is impossible, we simply lack a belief in one. Have a good day/night all.
Wreckergirl said:
just wanted to add my 2 cents. I believe in god. I have had truly horrible things happen to me and against all odds I am here. I have seen truly horrible things we all have in this business. we have all seen some miracles too. in fact I have a small cross that hangs from the rearview mirror of my truck and my car. I feel better with it there I don't know why but I do. I am sorry if it offends anyone in my truck or how I talk but im not changing anything.
24hr towing & roadside Assistance.
Coleman wi 920-594-0432
"Just one call & you're hooked"
In Memory of avellasgarage who said;
To inaminute, I do not judge you, nor do look upon anyone less for their religious believes. But I shouldn't be looked upon differently either. There is a saying, "Take what you need, Leave the rest" No one says you have to believe in anything you do not want to. This nation was built by our fore fathers, it was also built upon "In God We Trust" we must respect it, not change it. I have been plenty of places I don't agree with, but I don't try to change it. If it bothers someone that much? Then maybe you need to take a long hard look at where you live. It makes no difference to me what color, race or religion some one is. I judge on the individual period, as we all should do.
Rod Midkiff said:
ome may look at as just a religion.  but others look at it as it could have saved someone's life.

this topic has amazed me with just how many people will get violently angry when talked about.
I just don't understand why so many do not care about their fellow man...

 but it is a free country. 

people are free to break the law when they feel like it..

stay safe
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