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2015 International 4300 for sale in Allen Texas

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2015 International 4300 Extended Cab in Allen Tx.

LCG Series 22’ Removable Rail Century with 6.7L Cummins Turbo Diesel Engine,

6 Speed Allison push button 3000 series Automatic Transmission, Power mirrors,1231555692_DisneyExterior6.JPG.ef57aaef1184e48453e3cdec4a9614ae.JPG

Power Door Locks, Air Ride Suspension, Air Brakes, 22.5 Rubber, simulators, 95% Front Rubber

 Frame Mounted Pylon, Jump start box, Steel Body-10 Keyhole tie down slots, 8000 lb Worm Gear Ramsey Winch, New Cable, Air shift PTO

Air Shift Winch Clutch Release, Vulcan wheel lift Scoops, Hot Shift PTO, LED Light bar

V chain -Cluster Hook Chain Bridle, 2- 10 foot tie down Chains, 48” Tool Basket, 48” Tool Box, 78” Monster Box Live Air Connection, Upper and Lower Flood Lights, Duel Air Winch Releases

Call for Price-214-533-0112

Disney Exterior 1.JPG

Disney Exterior 3.JPG

Disney Exterior 4.JPG

Disney Exterior 5.JPG

Disney Exterior Truck Bed Down Back.JPG

Disney Exterior Truck Bed Down.JPG

Disney Exterior Truck Bed.JPG

Driver Side Interior .JPG

Engine Specifications .jpg


Front Exterior of Truck.JPG

Front Exterior of Trucks.JPG

Interior Dash.JPG

Interior Gear Shift.JPG

Mickey Mouse Exterior.JPG

Mileage .jpg

Passenger Side Interior .JPG

Top Lights.JPG

Truck Hydraulics.JPG

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