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From TowTimes.com - Baby – Teenager – Adult

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How often have you seen someone just gushing over a baby? Saying things like, “Oh, he’s so cute,” or “He looks just like his dad.”

Then, when they reach their teenage years, what a different story — the eye-rolling parents with looks of exasperation because they don’t know what to do about the mood swings, defiance, and the where did my loving, little boy go? Then, as if overnight, they grow up to be adults and at 18 graduate high school and leave home.

I’m on a scholarship committee that directs scholarships to students from families in the towing and recovery industry. I thought my “job” would be easy, but I found it definitely is not.

The hardest part of the process was when reviewing applications and the applicant didn’t complete or send in all of the requirements. It broke my heart to see that happen. Writing a letter to inform the applicant of that was very hard for me to do.

The good news is, all of the applicants proved to be wonderful, young adults who not only come from great towing families but excel in their studies and are involved in their communities, sports, clubs and churches — some while holding down jobs.

To read their letters to the committee was heart-warming. To me, their goals and dreams were a reminder of the hope all of them bring to make our world a better place. It made me wonder why we always hear about the bad things young people do, and why we don’t give more shout-outs to these great students? They really are the cream of the crop, and the promise of some awesome, future leaders.

While not all children want to be involved in the towing and recovery industry, let’s encourage and support them in whatever they want to do or be. I know you’re raising some great kids — keep up the good work.


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