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PTO problem 2016 550


Having intermittent trouble with PTO on our 2016 550 power stroke  automatic transmission 

shift in and will shift itself out after a  while sometimes you can shift back on sometimes not for a while.

anyone else experience this and found the fix. 



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On our older F550's if the batteries were disconnected the PCM would not recognize that the unit has a PTO until after the truck has been driven. So a possible issue could be with the PCM or connections.


More common, the man lift units that we have, the PTO will not work if the parking brake is not set. There is a trigger wire with a diode wired to the parking brake pedal switch.


Another possibility is the throttle pedal. When the PTO is engaged the PCM sets the RPM. If the accelerator pedal is pushed it can disengage the PTO. (not all models) Is the floor mat pushing on the throttle?


Tomorrow at work I can look on the Ford site and see if there are any TSB's related to the PTO. I will need the vin number to look for TSB's. (Technical Service Bulletins) Send a PM with the number if you want to.




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