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Recovering a Tank Out Of Building...

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We had to get an old oil tank out of one of the buildings we are refurbishing that has been sitting in there for nearly 50 years. Problem was the tank was 134 1/5" wide and the bay is 135"...not counting the window sills & electrical box obstructions... We were able to fit the F550 in the door with 1/2" to spare but the door was only like 102" wide.

1st I cut a hole in the tank to get a piece of cribbing w/ a strap in the tank. We only had around 9' or so to the rafters so height was going to be an issue all the way out...




My Daughter In Law looking ready with the hose if anything went wrong...LoL




Got it up and forward a few feet where we could swing 1 end into a door way and the other into the window. I was about ready to grease the walls but we were able to get it spun. Then we set the back end on a pallet jack & cradled it in the wheel lift to sneak it out the door.. 




Just something a little different...



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