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Here's A Riddle They Should Ask Every U-Haul Renter...

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What do you get when you have 2 days of heavy rain, 80' of grassy incline, and an 8000 lb truck? Well this guys answer was 12 hrs of labor on his own part & a couple of busted straps...Then the inevitable call at 9:00pm for a wrecker to get him out!




He intentionaly put this board under the tire to help it go back....??? I guess he never heard of a wheel chock...LoL It was covered in rubber & burnt from spinning on it all day.






We normaly would use the MD for this but Joe had his rollback home & we thought the 4wd would help...which it did. Wouldn't of been able to get the 650 up in there without tearing it up.

Ran a snatch block off a tree to the back, removed the "Chock", and I helped it out easily with the truck as he winched...








Came right back & then I could drive it down the yard to the roadway.

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