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I was on an unregistered uninsured impound when the trooper told me to be quick dropping it, they just put out a car in the woods.20190221_152730.thumb.jpg.bbc1cbae729e6cc0e665555236c617f1.jpg


I dumped this and headed out to the accident, where I found a car in the woods stuck on the guide wire for a telephone pole. The fire department was nice enough to cut the pin holding the wire as well as some trees that were in my way. 20190221_161306.thumb.jpg.1d8151144cf9e076db99d749f2e1f043.jpg20190221_160530.thumb.jpg.089522e85bd70ab64d45cee1fbf45498.jpg


Once I had a clear path it was a fairly straight forward recovery. I set the parking brake to get it to spin away from the wire then I winched it straight back to the roadway where I picked it up and towed it in.





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