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TowForce Semi-Annual Roll Call "July 2019"

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1 minute ago, TowZone said:

Brian, I have a master log I refer to when in doubt. If I recall you changed screen names at some point.

Yes I did, had a non-compliant name using a variation of WreckMaster, believe is was NEPAWM or something like that. Good memory Ron! We changed it to my current one using my WM ID number.

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I am still here and looking and commenting once in a while. I am sorry to say that my nephew Mike ( Wildwood Mike) is what he went by on here, is no longer with us. He came down with a cancer called T cell Lymphoma last year and battled it for 10 months. He passed away on November 2nd. 2018. He was 45 years old, was married with 2 kids.

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Wildwood Jack, I am sincerely sorry for your loss. I remember Mike used to check the message board nearly daily. He had quite few posts, though I am unsure he logged in after the board moved. Looking back I believe I met him at the Florida Show in 2004. In 2005 he donated a couple of 1:50 scale die cast peterbilt rotators to one of the Tow411 Holiday Raffle drawings we held. He was proud of your Dads Dies Cast Collection. In 2007 Mike posted a picture of the first tow with a new 07 KW 475 cummins 18 speed with century 5130. 

Image added in memory of WIldwood Mike



Sorry, to intervene in the roll call. I honor each and everyone of our members no longer with us. Though I do believe and I know they are watching over us. Tow411 was a Family and it was much like any Family we had are up's and down's. Today, TowForce is on track to be a Force in the Towing & Recovery Industry. Remembering Members Gone but not Forgotten...


Stuart Wagner, I found your info and set your post count to include the previous screen name. I also set your supporter status as well as signature banner, though I may need to work on it. May the Force be with you.


@WildwoodJack @Stuart Wagner

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Thanks for the kind words. The die cast collection was my brother Wally's. He passed away 2 months after we got that KW. Mike and I started working on the Miller race recovery team in 2005 at Chicagoland Speedway. He was not able to work at the track last year do to him being sick. Since Miller quit supplying trucks Lynch Towing Equipment has supplied the trucks. This year, to honor Mikes work on the recovery team Lynch along with Miller Industries had a limited number of t shirts made with a picture of his 50s rat rad tow truck on the back. At the race track for a $20.00 donation a person got a shirt. There was 131 shirts made, and 127 went to donors. There were many people who donated money, from towers to track service people, such as fire fighters, clean up, ems, and even some people from NASCAR that did not want shirts. Total proceeds were $3190.00 that were donated to Mikes wife and kids. If I knew how to post pictures, I would post one of the shirt. This old dog is not that advanced. LOL.  A huge thank you to Fred Grueber from Miller Industries, Miller, and Lynch Towing Equipment for taking the time and effort to honor Mike. To all who donated, Thank you. 

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On 7/1/2019 at 11:17 PM, TowZone said:

On Tow411 we always held an Annual Member Roll Call. During the first quarter of each year a Member Roll Call post was created. The purpose of the Roll Call is to hear from members that primarily lurk throughout the year. Members that we have not heard from in the past 18 months are subject to a purge. This means they will need to register again if the have not logged in during an 18 month time frame.


With the change to TowForce on a new message board system we need to hold the twice a year until all members have make the change themselves or transfer in small batches. Sorry the files would not all transfer between the two systems. Our apologies and if you find your screen name is not available it could have been transfer without notification. We are trying our best to prevent that but it has occurred a couple of times in the last 18 months.

To sign the Roll Call simply add a reply. The reply can be as simple as HERE or it can be a statement, a quote, a company name, a goal or any short note you would like to leave. Really anything, as much or as little as just HERE.


While we cannot guarantee a prize. One of our valued sponsors may add something as a give-a-way when they sign our Roll Call. Let's get this Rolling as this Topic will only remain open from July 1st to July 11th.



FTI Groups              "Since 2003"

Doreen ur Finance Lady  "Since 2005"



Gold Plus Sponsor

Tow Truck Exchange  "Since 2008"



Randy Olson          "Since 2005"



WEDOTOWS           "Since 2004"



1Towman                 "Since 2002"

Mike Pool                "Since 2003"

Towman21              "Since 2005"

Crashfilm                "Since 2012"

Robsertow             "Since 2018"



Auto Rescue          "Since 2002"

Heffy004                "Since 2002" 

rreschran                "Since 2002"

Brian991219          "Since 2004"

mushspeed            "Since 2005"

hookrite                  "Since 2006"

mooresbp.              "Since 2006"

EdsTowing.             "Since 2007"

Cooter64                "Since 2008"

V J Wood                "Since 2011"

ChuckUD                "Since 2014"

Ehofer.                    "Since 2014"

TACTOWBOSS      "Since 2018" 



ProTower                "Since 2004"

Stuart Wagner      "Since 2006"

5Towman               "Since 2011"



Jeff Myer                "Since 2005"

dperone                  "Since 2007"


28 Supporters have replied in the roll call as of 07.10.19


TowZone                 "Since 2001"


Melville                   "Since 2003"

StatewideTX         "Since 2004"

Towmaster            "Since 2004"


WestlakeTowing   "Since 2005"


"Since 2006"

Jennings Towing 

Midway Towing   


"Since 2007"



Split Second Towing




Steve Catlett         "Since 2008"

TurkWLF                 "Since 2008"


"Since 2009"

CM1 Retired         





fenderbender6     "Since 2010"

McEwen Tow         "Since 2010"

Conwaym.              "Since 2011"


DrDieselUSA.        "Since 2012"

GarageSB.              "Since 2012"

Doc65ca.                "Since 2013"


"Since 2018"






"Since 2019"






Jeremy Akin

Randy Muehlbauer          


35 General Members have replied in the roll call as of 07.10.19

63 of 3,534 members have signed the roll call as of 07.10.19


Note: not all the records from Tow411 can be accessed. If you were a Tow411 member and the member since is accurate. Please PM me so I can search through a print out I have. Keep in mind the print out has more than 7000 member names. Since there is no search feature it takes time. But, I do want to get the info transferred over. Thanks

Here from Nz

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Hdtowing aka John Hessman member since August of 2002. His father "Jack Hessman" known as "JACKSTOWING" is what can be considered one of our Tow411 founding members  Jack left us in August of 2005 as the result of a tragic motorcycle accident. I continue to miss Jack along with many others who were very enthusiastic about communicating with other towers. It is unknown how many Jack touched in our early days. It's hard to fight back the tears, but the stories must be told. The list below of the Top Ten WreckMasters in 2005 includes John Hessman. Honored just a few months following his fathers passing. I am positive I am just one of few that miss Jack and we are proud that John has become the man his father would be proud of... And look forward to his passing on the knowledge to our younger members. Thank you for being there John aka Hdtowing.


A List of 2005 Top Ten WreckMasters:
Interstate Towing Matt Farrell 91212
Ace Towing & Recovery Barry Derbyshire 97645
Automotive Support Services John Hessman III 971205
Engel Towing Sean Koonz 001772
Buehler Automotive Ken Buehler 020110
Gene's Towing & Transportation Michael Myers 020905
Country Repair Michael Rutherford 030160
Bussanmas Towing & Recovery Jeff Bussanmas 030968
Tony's Wrecker Service Inc. Nick Schade 040123
US Tow Service Michael Meade 98780

And the WreckMaster of the Year for 2005 is "John Weaver" from Mauldin Body Shop in Canton, GA




From the list above you will recognize at least half of the Towman as members of Tow411 now TowForce.

Together everyone of our members are a strong Force in the Towing & Recovery Industry.


I know I am missing some member stories along the way, so if other could help me along I would appreciate it.


This is more than a roll call, since we have changed systems this is more like a reunion. Thank you!

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Hey Mike aka Qtrmiler, do you remember this one?



for those that follow links in this topic please come back and add a reply. Thanks

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I do

raised my "on hook" insurance to 5 mil so all good and comfy now.. 😀

hauled way more expensive now.. but that was when I first started

still prefer the truck and dollies for the Aventadors and Maseratis

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Been too busy to get in here. HERE, I'll try to get back in more often.


Some good things here and the unread content link is Great. Keep Up the Good Work!

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Hea I is.

Jeff Payne - Operator Services & Fleet Services Administrator

Statewide Wrecker Service, Inc - 263 Luxomni Road - Lilburn, GA 30047

SWS Logo 2015.JPG

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