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Whole New Level Of Securement...


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Looks great!  We have always had a fenced in yard.   About 10 years ago, we expanded the size of the lot... I was surprised at the time to realize how much fence costs.  But it ads a much more professional look.  Out of curiosity, what do you charge for storage?  Are you charging more for secured storage?


Our rate is and has been $50/ calendar day for years.

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Just wrecks then, no impounds?  I'm honestly surprised that anybody could operate storage without a secured area.  Must be the folks where you're at are better behaved?  Here it's not just the vehicle owners you have to worry about, but also "shoppers" that might help themselves to other people's items.  In Texas you can't operate a VSF without all vehicles being inside a secured/fenced area, and depending on city, some are even specific about the type of fencing, among other things.  Storage rates are regulated by the state, and gate fees are not allowed.


Not passing judgement...just offering another perspective from another area.



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How much has this helped your situation. We got few gaps in our fence, but then someone is here 24/7. Dad says what we got keeps da honest folks out. I wanna put some barbwire out there, but was told if someone get hurt trying to come in they can sue. So, no more dog and barbwire has to be 6 foot off the ground. What the Hell, Is this America or What? I'm almost afraid to shoot one of these idiots that might try to attack me on the lot anymore. Can't even carry a baseball bat out there no more for intimidation or for self defense if a person is on the lot without permission. It's threatening and they might sue, Let's see they're on our property after hours and they can sue cause I took the dog for a walk, was carrying a stick and some judge will side with them. The last one we caught was an illegal trying to steal a battery, heck I might have given him a used battery if he just asked. But, no he went to jail instead. Can anyone relate or is this not normal? Cause I'm told we're not normal......... REALLY

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Around here a tow yard isnt a tow yard without a fence/wall and the god almighty 50 million other requirements and of course the Conditional Use Permit also. I envy you guys in the midwest and out those areas who dont have to deal with the kinda crap we do. Theres so many similar type uses that dont require the hopes we have to jump thru to have a tow yard. For example, a Trucking yard. Its literally the same thing as a tow yard, but no where near as crazy permitting requirements. Same with like an contractors yard (where they store bulldozers and construction equipment etc)

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