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Rain Gear, What Are You Using?


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Topic was created by Internationalstar in October of 2013:


What is everyone using for rain gear ? looking for something good that wont rip easy.
Spitz said:
I just ordered some frogg toggs, will let you know how they are.
 Scooby said:
I have WreckMaster rain gear. going on 6 years.
Chuck with Noltes r53_1559570274.gif: ^^^Like^^^
Towman21 r55_1559570275.gif said:
I don't have but Wreck master is good.  We personally use rain gear from Badger Glove and Safety.  http://www.badgergloveandsafety.com/  We use the coat with the removable vest and non insulated pants.  We wear these pretty much year around.  They keep us dry during the winter and it is not overly bulky so you can still do all of our work.
Spitz said:
Got the frog toggs in, not really a fan of them or the fit. Would be something I would consider to throw in a car for emergency or use for mud running with a 4 wheeler but not for working in a ditchline, just not strong enough material.
ASAPautomotive r53_1559570274.gif said:
Frog Toggs are amazing when fishing or running the boat on the lake, but not so for the work environment. They just wont handle the grease and sharp edges we run in to.
Spitz said:
Yeah, I got my eyes on the occunomix brand, looks like they are a lot sturdier.
TowZone said:
About 10 years ago I purchased a Occunomix Occulux Rain Extended Coat. That has been the best rain coat ever and it still looks good after 10 years. Sadly, I do not believe they offer this Extended Coat any longer. I really liked that it came down past the knees and hope that I can find another when this one does wear out. Oh, the upper portion of the jacket is Yellow and the lower portion is Black. There is some reflective material as well.
Spitz said:
Just bought some rain gear from here: https://www.reflectiveapparel.com/

Turned out to be really nice stuff and it fit perfectly for me. They give the sizes of everything and when ordering online you NEED to have.
New Zealand Towing said:
I asked who the police supplier is for their wet weather gear and pickup the same gear looks more professional when on site doing a police callout only issue I have had is they are to warm if your working hard you cook in them but the thermal lining is removable so you can pull it out if you have to
GregTowzIt said:
I have been looking for a trench rain coat for a while now, and the quality just isnt there anymore.
Insurance For Wreckers said:
Bought Occunomix Gear last year. Its okay, the sizing is entirely off the chart wrong. Took it to the local Law Enforcement supply where I buy my 5.11 uniform pants to have it taken in accordingly and it still wasn't right. Gave it to another operator, he loves it. So the only thing I have to complain about is the sizing.

Went with Spiewak (spiewak.com) this time, it's what the Missouri State Highway Patrol wears, no complaints yet. They make everything from simple uninsulated gear to parkas with zip-in fleece and thermal liners.

New Zealand Tow said it perfectly. I've had more luck using appearal designed for law enforcement than I ever did using the uniform company's clothing. 5.11 Tac Lite Pro pants, Danner Acadia boots, ANSI shirts - that's a toss up between a few different manufacturers depending upon weather conditions.
TowZone said:
VisGaurd, every review I have read is negative. Occulux is obviously not the quality it was a few years ago. I am going to be looking hard for a new quality rain gear. I may have to buy a few different ones so keep an eye out as I review them over the next few months. If anyone here has purchased new rain gear recently please inform us of our membership of your experience.
Towman33 said:
I have the brilliant series jacket & pants from ML kishigo very nice fit keeps the water out pretty well and the prismatic stripping really stand's out in the rain.
krnydsl said:
I have a Lacrosse coat that always looks dirty but has held up very well.
TowZone said:
These would be of interest to me, however I am concerned about what they mean by adjustable wrist wraps.
gen5towman said:
I wear frog toggs and my vest. I know its not great to wear the vest but frogg toggs are the best rain gear i have ever worn.
ATR1 said:
ill second the frog toggs for the top and as strange as it sounds wal mart has some pants that fit better to me the ones i have are black and like a cargo pant with a rip stop material for like 20 bucks, but i spray mine with the stuff you use to keep tents water proof about every month depending on use and ive been wearin the same pair for a little over a year now
Towvts said:
Try Galeton.com. My dad and I both bought suits off of them. You don't know you have them on! They breath very well and still keep you warm and dry. No they're not insulated. Put a sweat shirt under them and was warm all winter.
Leroy Hedrick r55_1559570275.gif said:
WRECKMASTER turn-out gear dry and warm plus grease wipes right off
dollartow r52_1559570274.gif said:
My set of turn out gear are three years old and still look good
Heffy004 said:
Myself & a few employees still have the WreckMaster "Turn Out Gear".....That I purchased in 2000.
PLUS......To my limited knowledge (?) it meets OSHA ANSI 3 requirements.
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