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Leroy Hedrick

WreckMaster Turn Out Gear

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Topic Originally Create in March of 2011:


what is the best method for cleaning turnout gear? a plain damp or dry cloth does ok but can a mild solvent or detergent like spray nine work or will it damage the gear? thank you


Bill L said:

a mild detergent works fine, as we wash our gear in the washer with a mild detergent after especially dirty fires and calls. They actually make detergents for turnout gear as well. If you're interested I can probably find out more details for you.


Leroy Hedrick r55_1559570275.gif said:

i was in the fire dept. for 20 yrs. and we washed it with the power washer if it was real bad or threw it in the washer with detergent we bought from gear manufacture or supplier,


Towmaster B said:

I just wipe mine down with a damp shop rag.


Leroy Hedrick r55_1559570275.gif said:

yep thats what i found that works best.now i got to find out why it is leaking in the left knee area


AIKTOW4U said:

"yep thats what i found that works best.now i got to find out why it is leaking in the left knee area " quote by leroy hedrick.

ummm, to much time on your knees? LOL . Just poken fun at ya!


Leroy Hedrick r55_1559570275.gif said:

yeah i m to fat bend over so i crawl under the trucks lol


MrsHook said:

We use Tuff Stuff multipurpose foam cleaner. Just spray it on and wipe it off. Works fantastic on our green WM gear and - amazingly - it works on our bright safety colored gear (just like WM's), too!!





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