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Busy Day Looking Back throufh Archives

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Many of do not know but 2016 is the second time the message board broke. The first time was in 2004 just 3 short years after the board was created. This topic was created in 2005 and is presented as posted at that time.


How many Tow411 members are still around and made the leap to TowForce? If your name is on this June 2005 Member List speak up. We're glad your with us...


4 year Member
Brucer - 6-23-01
Lisom - 6-25-01
Towie - 6-27-01

3 year Members
Midrivers 6-4-02
Maria Orem (Tow Times) 6-5-02
Towscropio - Bronze Sponsor - 6-8-02
Jweaver - Tracker Managment - Gold Sponsor - 6-10-02
metow2 - 6-14-02
Jet - 6-15-02
WM010544 - 6-15-02
eddtows - 6-16-02
Ken Cruse - WreckMaster - Platinum Sponsor - 6-24-02
WM97891 - 6-30-02

2 year members
Connolly Towing - Gold Sponsor - 6-3-03
Jimh - 6-4-03

ian411 - 6-6-03
Redwolf1357 - 6-8-03
Joe Driscoll - 6-10-03
Towxchange - Platinum Sponsor - 6-11-03
jandjwreckerservice - 6-13-03
Newtotow - 6-14-03
Rudy Smith - Beacon Software - Platnum Sponsor - 6-15-03
Anthonystowing - 6-19-03
Toyo03 - 6-20-03
Jimstowing - 6-21-03
Buddytow - 6-24-03
njhook - 6-30-04

1 year members
rdsalesales - Patron I - 6-4-04
Tominos - 6-4-04

Jtomino - 6-5-04
cfd204 - 6-6-04
ve7toy - 6-6-04
grifsdad - 6-7-04
Retriever - 6-7-04
Hotrodhauler - 6-9-04
imfixin2win - 6-11-04
Yahzoom - 6-11-04
Towman81 - 6-13-04
Towsalot - 6-15-04
Iowatower - 6-16-04
iketower - 6-16-04
jokergn - 6-17-04
mrwailaechevron - Silver Sponsor - 6-17-04
Yahzooms Pita/Yahzoom2 - 6-21-04
Kriv61 - 6-22-04
shtowing - 6-17-04
pattows - 6-19-04
WEDOTOWS - Sponsor - 6-17-04
Toes4me - 6-23-04
Towingwriter - 6-24-04
dt466rollback - 6-25-04
Boosh - 6-27-04

OK, it's been long enough. Now it's time we start the Member Anniversaries back up. That and I got a little time on my hands with the current condition of the board. If your info is incorrect or missing, please advise as I am in the process of restoring some basic data lost as well

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The comment at the bottom is original from 2005. That exact line could be added to this kind of list today. I'll work on that bare with me, the New Force in the Towing and Recovery Industry is TowForce. There isn't anything Towing Related like it....


May the TowForce be with you! Use the Force, spread the word, just as Tow411 became active through Word of Mouth so with TowForce. Only with our membership does the The Towing Information Network lives in TowForce.


I get busy and I never Thank you as much as I should for your support and participation over the years. Thank You

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Ron ...I think I joined the board  2005  /  2005  cant remember exactly   but definitely more than 15 years 


Regards ....John..

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That's probably right, at this time I am transferring verified member information from 2011. When I get to 2009 most all should be already have been transferred. My painful moments are yet to come, when I get into more members who are no longer with us. Many are recognized in recreated topics as in memory of...

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Hey Ron. I'm still om board but you probably knew that. See you soon.

Jeff Payne - Operator Services & Fleet Services Administrator

Statewide Wrecker Service, Inc - 263 Luxomni Road - Lilburn, GA 30047

SWS Logo 2015.JPG

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Thanks Jeff, we're half way back to we once were. Traffic on the New Board is High, but as in the past few years there is more reading then posting. I honestly believe that the amount of topics on the old board had something to do with that along with other forms of social media many just sit back and watch. Participation will increase as we bring back to give a ways as we did in the early days of Tow411. Right now there is a TowMate 36" Wireless Light Bar up for grabs. With only 2 entries this could take some time. Soon a Light Duty Challenge will be added along with a semi annual roll call next month.


Thank you for your continued support, I will not let you down again.

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I never was able to get logged in under my old account from 2007 or so but I'm here now/again so it's not too bad anyways.

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Ron I can barely remember my name some days. LOL

I think I joined around 2004 or 2005.

Seems like forever........... and a day.


Jason Ray

"My opinions expressed may not be the opinions of my employers"

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