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Derek built us a 35 ton. Now I am not an engineer, but I have to say we test picked a concrete drum that weighed 40k,  at about 40-50% extended, it didn't complain one bit, I am so happy with our truck.

What do you think?




Ed Barker said:

Derek do you plate the boom sides with flat steel like a "KEMP"?? I think all manufacturers should do this,,it makes them basically indestructable.I was thinking I saw yours done this way?


Derek said:

ed plating the sides of a boom do very little for strength

Derek Dangelo - Dangelo Autobody/ Custom Built Manufacturing
Kane PA - 1-800-540-5151


Red Diamond Towing said:

not that I disagree with you but I have always thought like Ed on this subject could you explain why plating the boom does not help thank you, Mark


Derek said:

its rather hard to explain but at one time i would have agreed with you and ed until the engineers reviewed my drawings and recomended plating the top and bottom not the sides by plating the top and bottom you increase the strenghth by .9 plating the sides only increases the strenghth by .2


Ed Barker said:

I only ask this and think this way because KEMPS were side plated and those booms are indestructable.


jmonday r53_1559570274.gif said:

I always thought the same but if you look at a I beam the top and bottom are way thicker than the upright part. 


GregTowzIt said:

I was at Derek's place and looked closely at his products. Those booms are built extremely well and Derek is correct about plating top and bottom instead of sides. There are many advantages that his products have and he has flexibility in designing what you want that you just can't get anywhere else.


littleriehl said:

Not sure how old this article is but, worth reading.     Inspection of a broken wrecker boom.



morrisandsons said:

That was a scary break, and it confirms the method in which Derek builds his booms.

Anyone know what brand wrecker that was that broke like that?


Wade200 said:

That looks like a 5030, but many of the older integrated Miller units had that problem. Our 7035 from '01 has a hairline crack there and it nearly never lifts, it just does towing.

Since this problem was discovered Miller has made changes including adding a full length top plate and larger side plates to prevent this.

That link to the failure makes me want to go ahead and fix ours before that happens.



GregTowzIt said:

looks like a 4024


Wade200 said:

The 4024 has single cylinder tilt and that one has dual cylinders. It's at least a 25 ton, maybe bigger. Either way, they all had that issue from 4024 up before they figured out what was wrong. I called today to ask about a patch kit. They told me they thought it was free, but they'd let me know tomorrow. I can't complain about that. The truck is 12 years old and just started a hairline crack exactly where that one in the link broke.

Our 2010, 5130 has a top plate from front to back reducing the chances of that happening.



Ed Barker said:

Thats not where I'm referring to,I'm talking about the inner boom,,not the outer boom,,you have a totally different stress load on each of these.


Wade200 said:

I know you're talking about the inner boom. The subject was changed when that link was posted.

I think in either case, top and bottom plating is stronger than side plating. But in my opinion, I like extra plating where ever they'll put it.





Tow411 Member since December 22, 2006

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