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'56 Buick

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About 3 months ago we towed this '56 Buick after the brakes locked up in the middle of the roadway. We dropped it off at his house so he could work on it. Apparently the repair didn't go so well, as I picked it up yesterday about a half mile from his house. This time, he had absolutely no brakes. I took it to our shop this time for repairs. It was less than a mile from us and not in a good spot to grab the rear, so I grabbed the front and went. Knowing how cars were towed back when this car was new, and how much of a pain in the a$$ pan dollies were, I felt confident that Ole Ernie Holmes would have towed it the same way.




EdsTowing r55_1559570275.gif Said:

You can't tow those cars...they have to be put on a flatbed..... 648.gif


TowZone said:

You couldn't possibly know how may times I have been told that...

As I tow it the same way. It's just a car, a really nice car.

But it tows with the same extreme care as any other car.

Damage Free Towing with the motto when the wheel lift was introduced.

Who Started that "Damage Free Towing" was it Vulcan Wrecker?


someotherplace said:

I would hope old Ernie Holmes knew the value of a nice soft length of rope, too!

I carry one about 6' long bunched up in the driver's door pocket; it's thick but soft, won't scratch anything. Looped through itself double around the wheel and shut tight in the door frame, then knotted out there for safety. Works great on everything except for the thinnest of late model sheetmetal.

Beautiful old Buford! Years ago we had a '57 out front for sale that was that weird cream/salmon-ish twotone. Ran and drove like a champ and looked great too. Loved the gas pedal starter button; that always surprised people that weren't expecting it. It shared front line space with a '49 Olds, '77 T/A, and a bright red '71 Impala convertible which I ended up buying for myself.

EDIT - even found a pic!  This was our used car lot, wrecker service, and storage lot around 2003-2004.




dperone r54_1559570275.gif said:

That's funny you mention the starter button, I had one of our guys bring it around after we fixed it. About 10 minutes later he came in and said it needed a starter as it wouldn't crank even with a jump. Luckily we have a few old timers left to teach us kids old tricks like buttons on the floor to start a car...

BTW that's a nice collection you had

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