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Picked up this Impala yesterday for a shop near Atlantic City for some carb work because it kept stalling. Not exactly the day I would have picked with all of the rain and wind, but it went right inside after I dropped.




someotherplace said:

Oh! Shame on you! ;) That's a 1967. Regardless looks like a really cool ride.

Seems like it has the wrong wheel covers? Maybe 1965's? Hard to tell from the pic but it appears they're going for original styling.



deperone r54_1559570275.gif said:

This is as close as I could zoom in on the wheel. They were a pain in the ass to strap around, but I always hated the angle they put the T- slots on these cars. 




someotherplace said:

Yep! Those would come on a '65 Impala SS and I think another model...maybe the Malibu SS of the same year? I'm no expert on them but a lot of that particular wheel cover was made so I guess more than a few ended up on other cars.

My first car was a '65 Impala SS. 689.gif '66 body is very similar to it other than header panel/headlight area, and taillight area. '67 was a bigger styling change to the one in your pic.



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