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Lexus prototype

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Topic originally created on Tow411 in June of 2014:

This was a pre production Lexus that we had to put on a stage for the US Open golf tour in Pinehurst. Had to take it off two weeks later. This has a knob that you turn for sport mode. It lowers the car and makes the exhaust louder, it also become rear wheel drive. Turn it back and the car raises, gets quiet and becomes front wheel drive. No serial numbers on this one, it will be crushed soon.






Keen 1051 said:

Why will it be crushed?


Jerrdan John said:

 Serial number is 0000000000000000 Not titled. I don't believe it was actually built on the assembly line, so there may be quality control issues. Speedometer said 180 mph, but it is governed to 140 mph, so it's to slow for a AAA service vehicle.  To light for a wheel lift, so I say crush it. laugh.gif  You would think they would part it out, but they said guarantee crush!


Street Jesus said:

I did a couple KIA Soul's like that a while back that were strictly for promotional purposes. They didn't even have VIN plates.


BlackAutoload said:

Crazy. You would think if has all that drive train it would become AWD instead of RWD.


Jerrdan John said:

Thought the same thing, but it may be able to be put in AWD, didn't ask. Rear wheel is nice for the burn outs to do burn outs....


Truckrepair said:

I often wonder what these guys think on these situations. We hauled the new GM prototype police interceptor all over the Southeast a few years ago. Not only did we carry the car, but a couple of extra sets of tires for those seriously into testdriving. Several departments burnt the tires off that car. It, too, was destroyed when they had all taken a turn.


DonRobbie said:

It's not EPA certified yet. Uncertified Prototypes can be used for a set period of time but then they have to be crushed. It's a mad, mad world.


Ruledaddy said:

Thats crazy.


interstow said:

It is also a liability issue. The less time a prototype is on the ground and being driven means the less the chances of damage to the car. If the pro type goes down the event is over. We move a lot between vendors and shows and between the larger enclosed carriers to a photo shoot location. Sometimes only a few blocks.




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