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HONK is annoying me!

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The Following was a topic of discussion on Tow411 in 2017:


So I have been playing with HONK a bit.... the first tow I did for them was a total pain with phone calls, etc.  The price was set at our normal hookup rate and 5 free miles.  Short story, it wasn't worth the headache.  


They kept calling for more jobs, and I got tired of it.  I thought it would solve the problem by going into their system and maxing out the rates as high as they would allow.  Boy was I wrong.  I dunno if it was coincidence or what, but the day after I went to the highest that their slide bar on their site would allow I got 3 jobs from them that all happened to be local decent jobs.  Especially for the rates.  $95 light service, etc. and even a tow at $95 + $4/ mile with no free miles. 


The jobs actually went well, and paid right away, etc.  That I can work with.  Now the past week, they keep calling me with the automated system, and I accept a job with a short eta and all (for the rates that i am set at, i don't mind).  The last 3 in a row they call back and say we see that you have accepted a job, are you still available. I say yes, and they go on to say would you be able to do the job for $84.  At that point I tend to flip out on them... If my rate is set at $95, why are you calling me asking me to accept $84.  NO... I wont.  Just on principal alone, even if its in my own parking lot. (Hahaha.... well, maybe).  It just annoys me.  They are quickly going to get the boot from me.


rlc4523 said:

The Automated system alone annoys the heck out of us with the Horn Honk Sound when you answer. We have done several jobs for them and have had no problems to really complain about other than a couple of weeks ago they called us for what originally sounded like a short tow in the next town north of us. I start taking the info and then lastly the dispatcher says "oh I should tell you there are 3 passengers" so I tell her I can only take 2 passengers in my truck. She replies "well 1 passenger is a 6 month old it can ride on someone's lap"............ REALLY ?!?! I politely replied that I would not do that and that it was against the Law in my state. She was actually stumped that I wouldn't take the call because of that??? Fast Forward 1hr, Honk calls again with a different dispatcher, same call, I stop him short asking him if they made arrangements for the passengers yet because I can not take 3 passengers in my truck. He says "No we have not but 1 of the Passengers is a 6 month old......." I again told him that it was against the law and he was stumped also. I suggested they call a company with an extended cab, call a taxi, or they can pay us to take a second truck up to play taxi (which they apparently didn't want to do). I was out of the office at the time and when I came back I had an email from Honk with the tow details.....they weren't in the town north of us just going across town they were actually 15 miles North of that town at a rest area ON THE FREEWAY. They expected me to transport them down the freeway with a 6 month old sitting on mom's lap. I DON"T THINK SO.

Common Sense people.... in what world would that be remotely ok?!?. It took me almost a week but I finally got a hold of one of the top people for Honk and I do believe there is going to be some mandatory dispatcher re-training!!!
towmaterbend said:
super annoying to get a call, that you CANNOT pause, to bid a job that lacks all the details, and then go through the bid only to be told, "you are unlikely to get the job because your bid is over the maximum of 84.00.... would you like to rebid?"

i predict major changes to alstates foray into the most annoying dispatch system on planet earth.
Red Top Recovery r53_1559570274.gif said:
Probably "win" 1 of 5 jobs, they started calling in with a live person when I hang up because to we're too busy to even offer a quote which adds to agitation.
MrsHook said:
When i answer the phone and the greeting is an annoying recording of a car horn, i hang up. Maybe they think it's cute .... I think it's rude. Ive no idea who they are or what they do .... I can't get past the horn. Lol

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Things have changed a bit.   I am still set at $95 hook, no free miles and $4 per mile.  I have the app set on my phone and I take what jobs work for me and decline the ones that dont.  They still call for updates at times even though I update things in the app.  They pay with credit card within the hour.  Still low volume, but for the rates, I make it work for me.

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Honk is just annoying, So Glad I Do Not have to Answer the phone very often at night. Just When I Am Called Out! But here lately MC's have been calling my Cell # How the Heck did I get on their list? 9 out of 10 have been AGERO & ALLSTATE, I just tell them I don't tow and maybe they will stop calling cause I don't want their random fishing calls on my Cell. Or should I take them, think I got one from HONK the other night, guess no other companies answer their phones at night. Don't know if they called our dispatch, didn't ask.

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