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Another Allstate Funny

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This Topic Originally created in 2017.


ESC r55_1559570275.gif said:

Allstate .... what can you do except laugh.

They want me to go 70 miles enroute for a 12 mile tow. And they recommend I provide a 30 minute or less eta.

It just irritates me that they can call and bother me about this sort of job, yet they can’t call me for one broken down in my own parking lot. They send someone else.




LouW said:

Been asked a few times this weekend for 2 different local tows 5 miles thats about 40 plus miles from me. Waste of tying up my phone line. I also like the calls i already said no to when they send it over tow magic and they call me anyway. That's when I say ok ill go that far for my commercial rate.

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