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Ha, Ha, Ha, very funny!!

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This Topic was created on Tow411 in Mar of 2009:


Mathew106 r55_1559570275.gif:

Get a call on the interstate. Get the authorization # and were on our way to customer. Get on scene and customer said car runs great, don't need ya. My driver leaves and I call for a GOA. I call Signature to get the GOA and while i'm on the phone customer calls back and asks that the driver return and pick him up 2 miles further down the road. Wasn't running so great after all? I call Signature back to request the GOA and a new autorization #.

1st call. I explain the situation to the dispatcher. He explains that he has to call the member to confirm.....( because I am a Liar I guess) After waiting several minutes I get hung up on.

Customere calls me direct again and told me his motor club called by digital recording and requested if the tow was in process and he advised yes. He asked if that was a problem. I told him we were not approved to do another run yet. He said, Well the driver could not have gone far. I said thats right, but he did go and since he left the scene after you refused our service this will be a new run.

2nd call. I re-explain the entire conversation to the new dispatcher. Sir, I'll have to put you on hold while I get you that #. 10 minutes later she returns and gives me the same exact run number as before. I advised her I needed a new run # and explained one more time what had happenned. Guess what, yep, disconnected again.

I call my driver only to find the car had been reloaded onto the flat bed and it was now in motion. I advised him to pull off and wait for a run #.

3rd call. I had to explain again the entire situation to a new dispatcher. On hold again I was. She came back on line and explained it would be awhile because the prior dispatcher had left for the day.. 15 minutes later I finally recieved a new # to complete the second run.

Two days ago signature called from India. He asked if we could do a run and gave me the specifics. I said yes we can with a 20 minute ETA. He said great, what company are you with? I said WHAT??? You meen to tell me you called a service provider of sinature motor club and you don't know who we are?? He said very sorry sir whats the name of your company? I started laughing and told him my co. name. He said I was not in the system. I laughed harder and explained that it is a shame a customer is sitting along side of a busy interstate, and will be for quite some time because you cant figure out the info on the company you called to give them assistance. I explained that he could call back when comes to grasp with his surroundings. 20 minutes later he called back and I finally got a run #.

Is this what we can expect in future years to come? If so, I'm buying an ice cream truck!mad.gif
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Cadiz KY 42211
i'd go for the ice cream truck,at least you'll have good humour lol!!!!!!!!!!!653.gif
Had a jump start run about a month ago. Customer was on phone to sig when I arrived. Cust called me at base. Sig would not re-imberse her run be cause I wasn't on the call list. I asked her who she called, AARP I think, and I called and talked to dispatch and after a few minutes India tells me I'm not on the call list. I tell them I am on the list, I hold for a few more minutes and they said I wasn't but would I take care of their customer. Oh, but of course! My Rate! Sig agreed, did the job. All is well.
About a week later I get an E-mail from the reg rep stating I have been put on a hold for doing runs. No reason given. Then I get an e-mail wanting to know my rates for sig. You know that answer. Haven't heard a thing for about a month. Still on hold I guess.
Either they have someone coming in town from elsewhere or someone is doing runs for less than fifty dollars per run.
Well, it could be someone is doing it for less than $50 a call, but not because they want to or set those rates. I've been shorted twice now since they seem to think my rate is $25, which is equal to what they told it was after the merger, but since I didn't agree to that...
Good luck with getting paid... I had the same thing, my driver shows up to a break down, the lady is pulling out. Calls and cancels, got a po for goa. 5 minutes later i get a call, now she is in the middle of the road car shut off again. Told them I needed a po for the tow, they gave it to me. But like always when you goto claim a po for someone that had 2 services in one day, you cant do it online. The the real kick in the teeth was there was no money allowed on second po.
Mailed them in 3weeks ago. no check yet
LOL With all the issues everyone seems to be having with them, why is anybody taking their calls? Dispatch issues, too much time on the phone. Payment issues. Originally when I got their "change of rates" with no contract we stopped until we could negotiate with our rep, (which by the way has never called) . But now I don't think I would take them back on board due to payment issues.

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