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A Look Back at 2004


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Drivers Pay Discussion from 2004:


Columbia Tow:

We start our drivers out at 25% commission on everything they do. We do not cheat our drivers out of mileage though like some companies out here do. We run this for the first 90 days to see if the driver is compatible with us and vice versa. If the driver has prior towing experience, then we raise them to 27% after the 90 day "getting to know you" phase of their employment. Drivers with no prior experience must wait 1 year before moving up the pay scale. It works pretty good here.



I pay a weekly salary for Mon. thur Friday--8 to-6. Anything they do during company hrs. is just earning that weekly pay check.
After hrs. is 25% of the gross. If a driver goes out at 4pm. and returns anytime after 6pm. (closing) he gets $15.00 per hr. If he goes out at 5:30 and gets back 4 hr. latter than the call is his.
However if he gets back at 6:30 then the call is the companies.
It is a give a take situation, you just have to use your head, and be fair.
Not all calls fall into the "his or mine" category.



We pay 30% and I have a driver that has been with me for a few years at 35%. We have found that being paid on commission keeps them motivated to work. The night calls everyone does - even the bosses (my husband of course - he occasionally makes me go) if need be - percentage is still the same but are rates go up $10 from 7-9 pm 9 to 12 another $10 and so on and so forth - got to make it worth doing.



we pay hourly during the day from 8 - 5 and then evening weekend work at 30%

Stay Safe John
My sole purpose in life is to answer only "yes dear" while kneeling before the blonde that I serve.




I pay my drivers a base salary or 30% whichever is more, and if they work extra hours then they get 30% of what was brought in for the extra hours.



I pay my employees strictly 35% commission here and they seem quite happy with it. I also pay on Mondays, they NEVER miss a Monday and by the time Friday comes around they are out of money so they figure that they might as well work the weekend!!!Timothy Peck - Owner
Jim's Towing
Monroe, Michigan
WM040571 4/5
TRAA CT 1482





I think 10 an hr is a good pay that is 8-6pm then 30% after 6pm.



$10 bucks an hour thats $500 a week minus about 30% taxes=$350. Could you live on that? Single living at home maybe. Married 1 kid, wife works takes home about the same.
Rent, daycare, food, insurance,gas, etc. I dont think so. Think I'll work at UPS, DHL, FEDEX don't have to lay under the truck or car. Nice uniforms, medical, and bennies OH yea!
The folks say thanks when I drop off nice packages, and that better than gettin a tip.



I pay my drivers 1/3 of what the truck makes. The theory is the driver gets 1/3, the truck gets 1/3, and the company gets 1/3. Storage charges are exempt from drivers commissions. All drivers start out with a $200.00 Christmas bonus the first year. (CASH). It goes up $100.00 each year.(OUCH) This is my incentive to work for me and not the competition! I guarantee a $300.00 base pay for 5 days work whether the phone rings or not. Seems to work well for me! Happy Haulin........DragNTow



I pay 30%, commission only. With the exception of my longest employee. He gets 3% more. The guys checks run anywhere between $1200 -$1600 every 2 weeks. I've aways believed, that if you pay drivers by the hour, they won't get anything done. Mind you, we have account work, and the cars are set up for you each day. No weekends, but work until your cars are picked up.


TOWMAN27 r53_1559570274.gif:

30% of $18 isn't too good, especially at 3:00 am
Many guys around my area driving 90 to 100 hours to make ends meet. Isn't that illegal and dangerous to the driver and the public?



If you are paying with commission, how do you compensate drivers for GOA's, cancelled calls, impounds that are never claimed, etc?

We pay hourly and if we send them on a tow, we pay them for their time, even if the job goes south on us. They might do well on 30% commission on the jobs that pay, but I do not want them deciding which jobs to take and which not to take and I do not want them to be mad at me or even question me because I send them on an impound in the middle of the night and it turned out to be a junker which will never be claimed. That is the company's problem and A.P. and I have to work it out with the Troopers or the customer. As it is, we have had drivers complain about wasted time, even though they are being paid. I guess that part of our situation is that with our distances, that we can drive 100 miles or more for a job with no income (it would be different if it was a simple job of jumping in the truck and going down the block) --you can be sure that we do everything that we can to avoid this, but it happens and it seems to happen more with off-peak hour calls. It is not the driver's fault or problem or choice or decision, it is the company's. We are also not high enough volume for this to balance out for the individual drivers.





I think my company pays fairly well compared to other companies in our area that lowball tows so its kinda hard to make good money when your tows are typically $5 to $15 more than the competition meaning it's hard to make this a good paying profession in our area when people keep towing cars for cheap$ but anyways we have a different system where we make $10 for an after hours call no matter what you do or what your hourly pay is for regular day hours. If I work for an hour or more I will pay myself $15 and sometimes I will use a combination of time spent on the call and the final bill total and figure 20 to 25% of the bill and how many hours worked x $16.50 for overtime for my standard hourly rate of $11 per hour and try to average the overtime and percent of final bill. For accidents and w/o's we pay $15 no matter what and if theres cleanup and additional work I'll make anywhere from $15 to $35 bucks for accidents. For a long distance after hours tow from Des Moines to Minneapolis (235 to 250m tow) I only pay myself 20% of the final bill and usually average $17 an hour for a 7.5 hour trip(not bad I think) My boss lets us pay what we think we deserve within reason and he has never not paid me what I put on my timesheet. If you have any questions about our on call pay just message me and I'll try to explain it better.

Jim Krohn Ankeny Towing whether you support war or not please support our Troops and stay safe out there! POW MIA



I get paid 25% on tows 30% on service calls and tows back to our shop. 50% on the overnites 11pm-7am on anything i do. I love it. I stay busy except this time of year. If i dont make more than $9.00/hour during my shift from commissions then i get the $9.00/hour.



everyone is talking about pay well when does the owner of the company get a pay check i think im going to work just so i can see what a pay check looks like again lololol i pay my guys 40% of there night calls and there day time is salary at 450.00 a week and every thing after 6 pm that is 40% i think i will have to evaluate the numbers now that i now everyone else is only paying 25 %




I pay my LD drivers 38% and they run boy! let me tell you. They average between $1200-$1600 checks every week. Before paying commission FSC goes to the company. The only problems I have is on GOA with my fuel costs and loose $$$ and we sometimes have drivers complain about getting to many wholesale account calls. But in saying that it all works out. I pay my HD drivers 30% on all regular calls again after FSC and $30.00 an hour on recoveries. Now I can't give you a solid average on their pay because we have only been doing HD since I started that side of the business 1.5 years ago and we are still growing but the highest check to a driver was $4300 and lowest was $700 but off a year basis they made 46k in our first year. My MD drivers get a split commission 38% on cars 30% for MD calls. My drivers are all very happy when we are busy, but gripe in spring and fall. But business is good since I walked in the door and started doing hard selling and training we have added 4 trucks to the fleet with four full time drivers, and added 2-4 part time drivers. I understand that my payroll expense is high compared to most of the other companies in this forum, but without reliable drivers our trucks are nothing more than lawn ornaments.


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