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The Search & Discovery for a Cracker Box


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Submitted by Thomas Simpson

Who was searching the truck his uncle drove it in the 80's. Anyone remember seeing it?


hpgtowing said:

That Cracker box looks like Sunny's wrecker of Florida? They had Cracker box Tri axle with an 850 on it and if my memory serves me it was also a twin steer .... It was a real monster in it's day.. I would like to know where it is also.... Ok ... I'd like to have it also.... You know to add to the collection.... lol.... Stay well... Steve


Thomas Simpson replied:

Yes the truck did belong to sunny's then dave jones in orlando bought it and the last my uncle said it was sold to someone in new jersey.


Kim02 said;

I remember seeing that truck at a tow show at the Daytona Speedway in 1979 or 80. It was yellow & orange. Have pics somewhere.


Hpgtowing said:

Danny...I know the truck... The 850 Cracker Box.... It was sold from e-bay the year before last... I had trouble hitting hot spots (Internet Service) at Fort Wilderness as I was on vacation when the sale went off..... I know it went to Ct..... Whats he asking for it now???? And Yes... Oh Boy Richard..How right you are about that Red/White.... I can almost imagine it as I type..... I have pictures of the Cracker box of Sunny's from the 70's.... yellow & orange.... And it's in Jersey??? Oh boy... Where?? Who?? I'll take it!! Steve


Rotator60 said:

Yes the truck originally belonged to George Monsour of Sunny's..The Dave Jones of Fern Park owned it..I lost track of it after that..It was unique to say the least.

Thomas..who is your uncle?..Dave,,Jamie..and Helen have been close friends of mine for years..I knew all the drivers back in the 80's..Guy Wood,,Chris,,Cajun Larry..All good people..


Thomas Simpson said:

His name is barry simpson he work for them in the mid 80's and in the 90's


Rotator60 said:

Yes..I knew Barry..If I'm not mistaken he mostly drove one of the lowboy trailers..


gentlyrotate said:

If I'm not mistaken, that bumper was filled with concrete and that truck was powered by a 671 too....


Unknown Member said:



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