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Tow Driver Driver makes disturbing discovery (MA)


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‘It was horrible;’

Worcester tow truck driver who moved van with body inside recalls disturbing discovery




When Jay Senior pulled his tow truck back into the yard at Early’s on Park Avenue to unload an abandoned blue Chevy van he was moving from a few blocks down the road, he got out to see something unusual.

“I got out and about 300 flies came out” of the van, Senior recalled, explaining there was a hand-sized vent on the roof of the van. “The amount of flies in the van was unbelievable. The front windshield was covered.”

As the flies cleared the van, Senior smelled something rancid.

“It was horrible,” he said. “It’s hard to describe, it was so bad.”

Senior called Worcester police, who made a disturbing discovery. There was a body inside the van.

Sources say the body was male and was stuffed inside a plastic container.

When the first officer got to the scene, he could tell there was something wrong, Senior said.

“The police officer smashed out the window on the passenger side,” Senior recalled. “And then they made the discovery.”

There were two plastic containers inside the van, according to Senior. One was sealed and the other contained tools, he said, adding that there were other items, including gas cans, in the vehicle.

Worcester police have described the death as suspicious. An autopsy was slated for Thursday.

Marlborough police confirmed Thursday morning that the van was reported stolen in that city on May 7.

The owners of the van let a friend borrow the vehicle more than a month ago, according to Boston 25 News.

The couple who owns the van told the television station they lent the van to a friend who then “disappeared.”

Irene Barry, who told Boston 25 she owns the van with her partner, Jim, haven’t seen the van in six weeks.

Barry told the news station someone besides her friend was using the van.

“I just hope it’s not him," she said.


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Tow Yard Owner Speaks Out About Body Found In Worcester Van


The owner said the tow operator saw a large amount of flies coming from the vans vent and noticed a "unbearable odor."


WORCESTER, MA — Jim Early, of Early's on Park Avenue tow yard, spoke out about the gruesome discovery made in a van that was brought to his tow yard on Wednesday. Police pulled a body from the van and the death has been deemed suspicious.

Early took to Facebook to explain what happened that day. He said a blue Chevrolet Express Van was left in front of a property on Park Avenue for about two weeks and was called in by the property owner to Early's as abandoned.

Early said the van was taken to the impound lot and when the tow truck operator walked around the van he noticed, "a large quantity of flies exiting a vent located in the right rear of the van followed by an unbearable odor." Management had a look inside the van and saw construction objects, gas cans, and two plastic containers, the post read. When Worcester police got there, they smashed the van window in and an officer found the body, the post read.

The victim has not yet been identified by police and the incident is under investigation.



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If the van was towed to an impound lot, why would the police have to smash the window out? Lockout tool ... duh. None the less, the smell of a decomposing person is something that's hard to mistake, yet I remember the same smell coming from a car parked in the long-term parking area the San Diego Airport. At the PD's request, I popped the lock, opened the truck, only to find a hundred pounds of rotting meat in the trunk. It's not a homicide until proved a homicide.

Randall C. Resch

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30 years ago we had one that was in the lot for several weeks. The smell coming from the trunk area was intense. Called the Police and Fire, all agreed it was bad. Fire Popped the Trunk.. And Nothing. Smell was intense but the truck was rather clean, nothing in it at all.


But yeah, once you have been around that you never forget it. Flies in the window are a dead give away something or someone is dead. Maggots are even worse, move the vehicle immediately to a remote area or you'll be seeing those on the ground for awhile.

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Went to tow a pickup and trailer about 10 years ago. The pickup was fine and very clean. When I dropped the trailer, there was blood coming out of the door and that unmistakable smell. Turns out the owner had about 20, 5 gallon buckets of rotting meat for bear hunting. Needless to say a couple of them that he had not tried very well had tipped and broke open. The guy just walks in the trailer and picks it all up without gloves and cleans up the mess. He said he had a feeling he might have some tip while he was driving. I wish he had said something before we hooked it, i would have helped him secure them better. Disturbing but glad it wasn't something worse. 

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