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This is a job from back in 2004

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The driver forgot the box in the air and attempted to turn the corner. In doing so he caught the lower wires on the main pole. North / south I would guess at least 20 concrete poles where broken (light poles) but north south which is a major power grid had not broke. The lines tangled up are all Fiber optics, telephone, cable and 120 volts for the street lights above on the main poles is 27000 volts. The pole is in tacked but the box is wedged between the lower wires and the tree. The truck still wanting to go back to it's wheels.To remove it I had to stop the box from dropping because some of the lines are under the corner and anymore stress might broke the pole. I could not lean it more and let the wires go over top because of the tree and If the unit was just put back up right the side pull on the wires would have broke the pole for sure.it already had an 8 ft. lean to it.

I rigged the lead drive with loops and leaving the truck and box on the same angle ( passenger side tires all off the ground) I walked the truck back to the tail of the wrecker then rotated it up the side walk and onto the lawn. It would have taken a 150 ft boom to pull it back the way of the road so I just cut the corner a little tighter. The driver had left the box in down position after this happened so I chained hard wood blocks between the frame of the truck and the box it self. once on the grass a driver jumped in started the unit and rised the box a little bit more to remove the timbers. then lowered the box and drove it way.













In Memory of JACKSTOWING who said:

I hate when those happen. Ya get to stand around & wait for the electric company to kill the power. Here is one we did last month.





Eric Replied:

Jack lucky me there was no waiting for hydro it all. There are making the road here wider and putting in new curbs and side walks so the hydro was relocating some poles on the same street. They where the frist ones there. The longest part of the job was getting the kids out of the way because there was a school close that just got out andthey all wanted to stand there.

Steve, most of them lower wires are lower than the top of my truck because they are broke some where in the line and are hanging way down.


Jack Replied:

Here ya go. Our recovery was complicated by the fact that the bed hooked the wire. If you look closely, you can see how the wire cut a groove into the bed.


When we first arrived, the front right wheel was several feet in the air. By the time the pictures were taken the wires had stretched to the point where the front wheel was almost touching the ground.





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