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Officers Injured During Towing Dispute, Four Arrested (NE)


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Two Bellevue police officers were assaulted Sunday morning during a confrontation over a vehicle being towed.

Officers were called to an apartment building near Dundee and Dover courts around 9:30 a.m. to calm a dispute over ownership of the vehicle. When the vehicle in question was about to be towed away, several family members confronted the officers, who suffered minor injuries.

One officer was taken to the Bellevue Medical Center, treated and released, while the other officer was treated at the scene. Two police cars had their windows kicked out.

One man and three women were taken into custody on a variety of charges. Forty-nine-year-old Pablo Ochoa was arrested for obstruction and criminal mischief, 45-year-old Silvia Ochoa for obstruction and resisting arrest, 25-year-old Silvia Petermann for obstruction, assault on an officer, resisting arrest, criminal mischief and disturbing the peace and 21-year-old Maria Rosales-Ochoa for obstruction, disturbing the peace and resisting arrest.



In Memory of National Autow who said:

I will never understand why someone would physically harm someone else over property.

Get mad - sure

Raise your voice - Ok

Pull out a can of whoop ass? - Are you crazy? - obviously you are and should be committed after your arrest and conviction.

If you are just going to start a fight about it, why do we even need the laws that protect RIGHTFUL people and actions? Let's just do away with the law altogether. You look nasty at me for taking your car? I just go ahead and blow you away because i thought you might hurt me. No consequences for either one of us, well, except you are dead, but hey, that ain't my problem. After all, you looked like trouble!

Wait, I take all that back. I wouldn't tow your pos behind my good truck.

Rant over - back on my meds

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