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Jerr Dan MPL-40 Not functioning Hydro Issue

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We have a 2016 F-550 V-10 with a MPL-40 on it and for some reason about once a day now nothing will function on the body not from the outside controls or the in cab controls however I did notice today when it did it the boom in out and the winches would try to work but very very slowly no other functions would work at all the pump is running and after a few minutes of messing around with it its back to work but this has started to be a more regular problem now.... Does anyone have any idea what this could be I changed the filter today and checked the hydraulic oil everything looks good I do see what looks like some weather cracking on the bigger hose there on the pump under the hood thought maybe it could be getting air or something 

Any help I would really appreciate Thanks 

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is the pump belt driven or transmission driven. From your explanation I am assuming belt driven, make sure the clutch is not slipping and check hydro pressure at the valve body. It should be solid and not fluctuating. If it is tranny driven the same thing applies. I had one on a tranny that the clutches went out on but it was pretty much solid failure.

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We have ruled mine down to the anti stall module I wouldn't have thought it would shut that whole wrecker body down like that but it will

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