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Is an RBU Class in your future?


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Tow Years Ago in June of 2017 I created this topic on the old Tow411 message board:


Do we have members who have been waiting to attend a Recovery Billing Unlimited Class?

Will you making plans within the next 12 months to attend an RBU Class?

In Addition: (Questions for those who have attended an RBU Class)

Have you taken an RBU Class in the past? Has it been of value to your company?

Have you taken the refresher and if not are you considering of one in the next year?


Al Luna aka Alpaactow tubered.gif said:

I took RBU class about 6 yrs ago and did the refesher maybe 5yrs ago and would love to go up there again.
The first time my wife and i went it was fly up on friday and back sunday night (couldn't afford much more dollar wise), when we did the refresher we spent a week up there and took my daughter also..... so you be the judge


ESC tubegreen.gif said:

We took the class roughly 4-5 years ago. It took alot to write that check but myself and my dad went up. Luckily its only about a 5 hour drive from us. We made the trip up friday and went to the meet and greet. Drove home Sunday. What a great experience. My opinion is to go to their facility for the class rather than take one of the tow show classes. I feel that you would get so much more out of it... just personal preference anyway. But a year later we went back up for a refresher, and paid to take two others from our small company as well. I need to get back again for a refresher, or if nothing else a weekend vacation up there. Since the class I have spoken to Bob a few times by phone when I ran into an issue. He also stopped to chat for a while at the Baltimore tow show as he passed me in the hall.

We are a light duty company... we had 4 trucks when we attended Big Wheels the first time. We now have 5 light duty and a medium duty wrecker as well as a small cleanup trailer. The class was great... money well spent, even for a small company.


glnstowing said:

Worth every penny and then some. Looking forward to a refresher, maybe next summer.


hotsprings77 said:

Taking the Jun 24, 2017 class. The logistics getting to the class have deterred me in the past, but I was able to make it work this year. Can't wait to attend the class and gain valuable insight into correct accident billing. Mark


roadside rescue said:

Absolute no Brain-er:   Yes it might sound expensive at first, but the information you will receive will far exceed it cost.


WTR said:

My wife and I attended the class 2 years ago at the Baltimore tow show and a refresher this year at Bobs place. Money well spent. You will be shocked how much money you are leaving on the table. After taking the class for the first time we returned to our business and made a few small changes that actually paid for the class in the first month! When dealing with the insurance companies we need to be educated, RBU is the perfect start. KNOWLEDGE IS POWER!


underlift said:

Best thing any heavy duty company could ever do. They make you think about how you do everything. Well worth ever penny they charge.


blkwill said:

Well I fell like a old timer!!!

I toke the very first class and a few refreshers with my office staff..  The class opened our eyes to things we toke for granted and didn't bill for.. Well worth the money and time to go .. BOB ERIC LINDA and whole crew are top shelf great people and welcome you like family    




mathew106 tubegreen.gif said:

The absolute most valuable class I've had.
No but I need the refresher course and yes I intend on being in class in the next 12 months.

I had an adjuster look at an overturned TT on my lot.  The invoice was the largest I had ever written in my life.  The adjuster called days later and explained he had never witnessed and Invoice like this in his life.  He laughed because he was about 70 years old and said you seen me Mathew, I been doing this awhile now.  He told me not to stop what I'm doing!  He explained it's his job to eat me alive and destroy my invoice piece by piece pretty much.  He explained he couldn't find one area of the recovery to argue in dollars.  I had checks the next day.

People, this class is no joke.  I recovered the expense in a week and then some I'm sure.  When that phone rings, I'm ready to stand my ground with ease and RBU put me here!  Light to heavy duty, it all the same!  This class covers everyone.  Take the class!!

Mathew Riddle
Riddle's 24 Hour Towing and Lockout LLC
94 Clay Street 
Cadiz KY 42211
Protower said:
We would like to take the whole family to one of their courses ASAP! (We are a family owned and operated company).
Big Wheel Recovery tubeplatinum.gif said:
Our next class is in July hope you can make it just call Linda at 15087635927 for a informational packet, 
 Thanks again   BOB
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It's on the To Do List, waiting for the dates as the country opens up. Worried that once the violence runs its course, corona will return and normal may never return. But we will attend one of these at some point in the future. Hopefully in mass, I want to see the Big Wheel Operation in person and hear how it has grown over the years. I'm still trying to keep dad onboard with this 25 ton purchase.

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