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a little overboard with a 50 ton B&B

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Topic Originally Created on Tow411 in January of 2011.


Pimp accessories: 18 in. gangster drop visor, 6 in. door visors, crushed glass and pearl in clear coat, 12 disk changer, 2 10 inch memphis subwoofers, 300 watt sony amp, conex deer hunter cb, 8 inch stacks, power windows, chrome interior package, ss spot mirrors, led lighting and lightbar, 3 rolls of chrome vinyl lettering, painted fuel tanks, rhino lined under reach and tail board, stainless steel dress up package on unit, aluminum dress up package on body, strobe package, custom "old school" paint job, custom fabricated folding pavement protectors on stab jacks, bro heavy duty wheel lift, full host of forks, 11 drawer toolbox, plus many more accessories.











SP8000 said:

Paul, That sure turned out nice!  Now let's see more pictures of it in action alongside your Super Dog.

Jeff Leavitt, 86 Towing, Gabriels, NY. 518-891-6666


Sam Mcquire said:

It looks good but not as good as me in that last pic haha. No in al seriousness it looks good Paul


TimsTruckService said:

Very Sharp Paul !!!! I'd hate to be the one having to Polish everything on that Unit for you, but she sure is Beautiful !!!




Jerrys Road Service said:

Looks Awesome.
Jerry's Towing
Santa Clarita ,Ca
ED Barker said:
WOW!!!That really came out nice!!!Now all your missing is the front floats.
Kirbys Towing said:
The old school paint job really sets her off, looks good.
Concord Towing said:
That is SWEET very nice truck to be proud of!!
Aces Towing said:
Nice unit! Now I have to ask where does anyone find room for 2 - 10" subs in a daycab Kenworth!?
Bryce Weber - Aces Towing
WM 091409 Level 6/7


Paul Gaylock



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