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"Heavy Duty" Hubbard Wrecker rebuild and update

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Topic Originally Created on Tow411 in August of 2015:


I had the opportunity to purchase Scott Hasen's 92 Freightliner Classic with the Hubbard wrecker out of Quincy, Michigan.


The Hubbard was originally on a GMC built for Allen County Towing out of Ft. Wayne, In. He was in a body redo process. We elected to change direction. It has been water/glass blasted, epoxied, the boxes removed and the sides rebuilt. His boxes looked cool, but cut down visibility on the winches. Adding an NRC underlift, drag winch, and most likely a side puller unit. Finishing body work and ready to rebuild the light pylon. Truck is usable, though unfinished








One of the most under rated wreckers ever built. They didn't have test capabilities, so they stopped at 30 tons.



We have pulled multiples of that on more than occasion.


Here are a couple more pics. Light bar is on and body is all in epoxy. There are more lights on that aren't in this pic.  My SP20000 side puller is due in about 30 days and the Z-402 Zacklift will be in in about 2 weeks. We also put the sling back on for now.  We used it this morning with my other Hubbard to upright a loaded pup that was on it's side in a tight construction area on I-65. The old girl worked well.




Back in the 80's Dad had 2 1 tons, a 16 ton, a 40 ton and a 25 or 30 ton. Don Wagner ran the place then and led the builds on them.


When I got back in I had to have Hubbards. I will try and add a few pics there was a beautifully restored long wheelbase 1 ton from Findley Ohio. I know of 10 here in middle Indiana that are still going of various sizes. Dad built this one new in 79. This pic was around 80 or 81. This wrecker is now on a freightliner and still working. I do not own it though.





bbarnett said:

I can't figure out how to post pictures but we still have and run a few hubbards. One 20 ton single axle. A few years ago we remounted a bed onto a 74 Chevy 4x4. We just use it for off- road use. We have the last truck that was on the assembly line when they closed the doors, tandem axle. We also have a brand new never been mounted body. And we still have a few that we have retired over the years that set behind the shop. They are winch monsters! I love my NRC rotator but nothing will out WINCH a HUBBARD!! Your trucks look good keep up the pictures. And yes that little Hubbard located in Ohio was beautiful


Hot Rod Motorsports said:

Pictures are a trick. You have to create a Tow.Photos album, then place them into your posts. You are from Portland. Do you know Bill Watson from Red Key?  


C.W. Watson Construction.  I drove his late model late 95 and all of 96.  


I purchased a new "In The Ditch" SP20,000 side puller from Jim Maynard at  Hedinger Sales in Greensburg, In.  Installation went well. We painted it silver to match the truck, predrilled the holes, and set it on. It comes with a factory installed flow diverter, so plumbing went well. Wound the cable on this morning.  We have been using the truck for semi wrecks; both uprights, and winching. Doing so, slows down "updates"!  I bought 2 of the 55K DP winches from James aka "Wrecker Collector", and plan to put one on this truck as a drag winch. Plan to install it "cocked" like the Century rotators are.  My new Z-402 Zacklift is painted and laying in the shop. We have begun layout and prep work. Hydraulic planning and integration has been a chore, but with some outside info, I have a workable plan to add both units in a clean manner. We have been blessed with a great year in the Body Shop as well as wreckers, so progress has to come when time allows.






Had a nice visit today from "Sparky". He and family were down our way. He called and stopped in to talk Hubbards. It seems old Hubbards never give up!  What is the new body you have? What is the last one that was on the line? I wonder if anybody has a list of how many were  built? Scott


Spent a few hours over Thanksgiving weekend doing some paint work.







We have made some more progress on "Heavy". The Z-402 is installed, and the tailboard rebuilt. We are down to painting the back of the Zack and tailboard, and upgrading some storage. The truck has worked out wonderfully. It has handled everything we have asked of it. Here are a few pics of late.








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