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1977 Peterbilt with 1980 Hubbard 40 ton

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Topic Originally Created on Tow411 in February of 2014:


Here is my 77 Pete, all updated and on the road. This is a true survivor with no rust!


This truck started life in Texas as a road tractor hauling pipe, bought in April 0f 80 by Allied Gardens Towing out of San Diego, back thru St. Louis, two stops in Mississippi, now I have it in Indiana. It had the Hubbard installed in Farmland, In. in 1980. I grew up with Hubbard wreckers and when I found it in August of 2013 I knew it was meant to be.


The truck and wrecker were in remarkably good condition, We updated with a new Z-30 Zacklift, new hoses, pumps, some seal repairs, paint, interior, and misc.chrome and goodies. It has a 350 Cummins with 13 speed on air ride. The truck has had very good maint. over the years as well as mechanical updates. Drives and rides excellent and The Hubbard is still in a class of it's own for winching and recovery. We have had it out 12 times. 1st call was a loaded grain semi around 100k in the ditch nearly on it's side. The leg and teeth dug some grooves in the road, but the semi yielded to the pull.  


Scott Graham, Graham's Wrecker Service, Franklin, In. since 1929.










Sirknucklehead said:

Beautiful truck, I love seeing the older iron still going strong. Awesome restoration, thanks for sharing.


wreckerman05 said:

man-thats a thing of beauty---good work and looks like a truck that gets-r-done---Id be proud of this one ,sure you are---


michael212 tubegreen.gif said:

I normally don't care for "modern" colors on tow trucks. But I have to say this one looks really nice! Good job on getting it back in service!
Michael Myers
253.588.1757 ext 150

Hot Rod Motorsports tubeyellow.gif said:
Thanks! I tried to strike a balance and  keep it retro, with lighting, trim, etc. I also have a 1988 square body Chevy little wrecker that is the same scheme. Steve Bischop from Allied Gardens told me it was silver with blue and teal stripes with Gold Leaf lettering in 1980 when they built it.. I did in fact find those colors. It was changed to Red in the mid to late 80's and was that way till last year. My fleet is all painted this way. I have a hot rod background and my Great Grand Dads trucks were orange. So........
Ben said:
Beautiful truck thanks for sharing the pictures.Those Hubbards were beasts whatever you hooked on to was coming with you.
Sirknucklehead said:
I want to see some more pictures of the old chevy? truck that's on the rollback in the parade picture.
Hot Rod Motorsports tubeyellow.gif said:
 It is back in the shed. When we get it out, I will post some. It is a "clone" of the truck my Dad rode in with my Great Grand Dad Olen Graham. I have an old Graham car he used to pull in parades. It does work. Has a 250 6cyl. with a 4bbl. Holley and header. It sounds cool.
We used to do the whole "How many tow trucks can a tow truck tow" deal in parades.My wife can recite the book! Longest train was 300'. Problem is you can't seem to keep the kids feet out of the street along the curbs, so we scaled back to 2 hauling one. We usually throw out t-shirts or bags. We have 3 or 4 parades a year in Franklin. 
Sirknucklehead said:
Sounds good, can't wait to see some pics of it, my favorite old truck is that style

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