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Help identify this wreckers manufacturer

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More Images:

57wrekr boom


Danny Cassello said:

wow, some parts look like a Holmes but yet I do not believe it is.  I would guess possibly a Stringfellow wrecker unit. 


michael212 tubegreen.gif said:

Nice! I'm not sure what it is. It could be a early Ashton or Canfield unit? It appears to mostly be all there which is a good sign. Are there any riveted on data plates that are still on the unit? maybe post some photos of the winch and boom winch. That might give a idea depending on the design.
Michael Myers
253.588.1757 ext 150

kynick said:
Possibly No-Mar
Nick Schade
Original Post Creator Added:
This is the only identifying marking I could find "Tennessee USA" stamped on the inside of one of the mast pillars.


Main winch

Looking over the main winch at one of the boom winches.


Spanky over on stovebolt said he thought it looked to be assembled from different units, maybe an Ashton mast, Stringfellow Booms, and a Hubbard service body.

I've been looking at a lot of images, and the booms with the center boom is most like a Canfield than any I've ever seen. But I've only seen one image of a Canfield and it wasn't very detailed.  But to me it looks like a Canfield is a better fit than a Holmes.   I've not seen any Holmes with this boom configuration.

I haven't been able to see any definitive images of an Ashton or Hubbard wrecker, or a Stringfellow for that matter.
I wasn't able to locate any images of a No-Mar or Nomar that looks like this.  The Nomar double booms that I was able to find hooked into the very bottom of the masts. This setup is near the center of the masts. The masts of the Nomars I was able to see were also much thicker, square and heavier duty than this mast.  If you could find some pictures to compare that would be helpful.
shelbart said:
it looks like rube goldberg had something to do with it.
mm212 said:
looks like it used to be a holmes, but someone took the winches out.

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