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The driver made his way through a very tight driveway to fill the propane tank of a customer...and incidentally found the homeowner's septic tank which is never good...





You can see where the wrecker was sitting. One look at the driveway and I knew I would never fit back to where he was... If I had known, I would of taken the smaller truck...




70% on....

It didn't even look like a driveway!




Not sure if the trees are supposed to be on the inside of the truck?





Got back as far as I could and pulled rope from there... I needed 1 high line to minimize the resistance & another pulling the unit from the rear out of the hole.







All that rigging for literally 20 seconds of recovery. Once I rocked the truck to the side, it popped right out of the hole like planned....







Other then the obvious fragrance of nature...no damage to the truck. The septic tank? Not so much...


Overall, a tough situation. the driver had no way of knowing the tank was there with the customer's "Italian Yard".... It's a summer home and they probably don't deliver to it often. if it were me, I would back in to the site so it wouldn't happen but that's me...









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Rural properties like these can be difficult for delivery persons to be able to recognize underground utilities. In the same manner we teach GOAL, getting out to look is extra hard when underground utilities don't present themselves by being in clear view.  At the very  least, when faced with a rural recovery like this, Ed's photos are a solid reminder for towers to look and ask where the underground utilities are? If the owner of the house isn't home, there's huge risk of dropping through or into. Thanks for sharing Ed.    R.

Randall C. Resch

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