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A Little Much....MD Tow on Box Truck

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Eddie had this one the other day. Using their "sling" attachment so it was manageable...





looks heavy but actually a 4200 w/ a VT365 & it was empty....felt like a typical 1 ton pick up on the back....



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Yea it's factory, but I believe it's an option. It has a stowage bracket on each side of the main body boxes to mount it when not in use...




The Snatch Block bracket is custom, I fabricated it to keep them off the floor of the box. Then added some modified ITD pieces to sort the area out...



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Some may think it's overkill but I did a job the other day that I used all 4 blocks & needed a 5th one but got it done. You know you're pulling pretty hard on a car wrecker when you stall 12k winches on 2 part lines...LoL




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Yea I got it....The rental agent came to the scene and said you're going to have to pack up because you need a bigger truck...so then I had no choice but to do it...LoL


11,000 lb machine that they kept at it after they called me (when it was stuck but still moving) and ended up rolling it into a rivien...broke a hydraulic line & no longer ran.





Now it was just dead weight....



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