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All Bagged Up  

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Topic Originally Created on Tow411 in August or 2011:


Called by IL State Police Dist 17 to accident I-80 55mm west bound median. Truck and Loaded 53ft Dry Van Trailer rolled onto drivers side.  2 Super duty Rotators and - 1 Heavy duty Wrecker with Air Cushions used to upright both units then winched from ditch.  After recovered from ditch we split the units up because the front axle damage to truck.  Trailer was hauled with our semi trailer  back to our shop. Brought out arrow board for traffic control. 












Nullstowing said:
Man...these guys need to learn how to roll a van trailer around here!
ILTowman said:
Dualing Tators! Nice work. looks like the driver laid that over perfectly for you Northern Boys

Kurt Wilson


Scooby said:

lol.. orange straps too!!!!????

now thats commitment, orange straps.. and it looks as if the little weight balls on the rope are orange too (just sayin)

as my buddy from down south in Florida says to all my people when he's trying to persuade them to the other-side.. u fellers must be drinking the Howard Eagan orange kool-aid...lol

PS.. paint your trucks orange and I'll send ya another case of kool-aid

Whenever we get one the roof and doors are trashed on them, sure takes the fun out of it!

Lookin good as always!

Dale At Riches  said:
Beautiful job!  I like seeing air cushions being used along side all those big trucks.

With all the heavy iron and rotators in today's fleets, I think air cushions are becoming a lost art form.

Once again Beautiful job!!
BigWheelRecovery tubeplatinum.gif said:
Very nice job guys that's what i call BAGGING. Thanks Eric
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